You're all i ever wanted.

    Apparently i am sick now,eeek!
    i started the morning off with allergies and thought that was all there was to it,but i guess now my body wants to have a fever.i'm debating if i should even go to school tomorrow,but i have two speeches to present and turn in two essays,i'll most likely just drop off my essays and go home earlier than i usually do.
    tomorrow is a new episode of Misfits!i'm too excited to see what will happen to Alisha and future Simon...and what otherfunny and ridiculous things Nathan will say or do.
    this weekend i am definitely dedicating it on doing all of my finals that are due in two weeks...well except for my visual langage and culture class;that's due next week, i have loads to do though :/
    hopefully i feel better soon!

    hei hei
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