Looking back.

    Going back to the beginning of this year i didn't really have any expectations of how my life should be going,i did however have hopes and dreams and that's all i really took with me.i had hope of having a relationship,meeting HIM,being happy,and having new friends.
    i had no boyfriend,and i was happy on most days of this year,plans never go according to plan.every step you take leads you to a whole new place,a dream,a person,an action,and emotion.
    i did however meet HIM and i also got to do things that i never expected,i met and hung out with The Dudesons,i started college and met new people with new stories,i made art that moved me,read new books that inspired me,heard new music that helped me express myself,i reunited with my dog Tink who i hadn't seen for two years.yes,i had my moments where i was let down and sad,but at the end of the day i still had the good things that did happen to me this year.
    i dunno what this year has to offer but i'm sure as hell going to accept whatever comes my way.

    remember New Years doesn't mean that you have a whole new life,'cos when you awake after that night of drinks and partying,you may still have that grudge you have on a person,you may still hurt from what someone has done to you,you will awake with the past still lingering.it's up to you to make the move and make a new start,and it doesn't always have to begin on the new year,it can start on any day that you decide.

    i wish you all the best on the upcoming year!and have a lot of fun :)

    hei hei
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