2010 in a nutshell

    Wow what a recap...2010 was a year of firsts and lasts. A year of risk and reward. I was given experiences that forced me to examine and  figure out who I really am. I learned. I have concluded that change is necessary and, in fact, inevitable. "The key to success is often the ability to adapt to change". I am insusceptible to change and any form of spontaneous transition almost kills me! I flourish on stability and consistency...changing only when I'm prepared of course:) I have been humbled. I have gained knowledge. I have found who my real friends are. I have found who I am. I'm so grateful for all that I have been given.

    I can't remember everything...but here's my whack at it haha:

    The year was started off great at BPA regional competition. In video production team we received 1st place competing against 9 other teams! I also received 1st place in my solo event Graphic Design Promotion. I was able to have a gospel-sharing experience with a friend that strengthened my own testimony.
    In February we received 1st place at National History Competition on the regional level with our Polio epidemic topic. I was also able to go to Pref with Scottie last minute! Fun times:)
    March was filled with sleepovers and inside jokes as we put the last minute touches on our presentation...and of course BPA state:) I pulled my first all-nighter and had my first really deep talk with Em. oh btw NHD State was an Epic Fail.
    Learned the truth about gum...zoft:), had endless laughs from my little brother, hid in Emily's trunk and gave her a Junior Miss good luck surprise, helped pull off prom, watched the "Every 15 Minutes" experience, saw a little truck try to tow a semi- funniest ever,
    BPA nationals- memory central!!:), Had chocolate pancakes at IHOP and boosted my coolness points substantially, painted the rock, had lots of stress relieving musical therapy time with Em, attended my last girls camp- best pranks ever, fell in love with Glee:)
    Started working at The Book Plaza, spent month missing my best friend like CRAZY, Pulled 2 of Maddie's teeth out, got in killer good shape, broke my record running the mile in under 6 minutes!
    Served all year on the Stake Youth Committee and planned a wonderful Youth Conference
    Spent summer smelling the roses and enjoying life before craziness hit. I'm so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord, Spent way too much money shopping with Sophie

    Hours working on a stupid parade float for Student Council and was in the Cassia County parade, almost got strep throat from Sophie, psychic reading from Aunt Penny, learned the song "True to You" by Jenny Phillips, cried a lot, sang "Don't Stop Believing" in the Paul Palooza karaoke contest with Em, received the most amazing blessing from a very inspired man whom I have deep respect for...even if I don't always think his jokes are funny:) 

    Found out who my real friends are, felt God's love, jumped into emotional survival mode, went repelling off of a cellar.
    Finished strong with my last soccer season in high school. It was an amazing 4 years and I gained so much. My coaches were so influential and amazing through the years and the girls are my sisters. I will miss my team. Had a fun homecoming week: being in the top ten for homecoming queen candidates, drive-in movie with hot chocolate and love sac, playing guitar at the top of the stairs in the last quarter of our homecoming football game (we lost by the way haha), and dancing the night away with Branson at homecoming:), watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space with Soph, dressed up as a genie on Halloween and trick-or-treated to Mrs. Campbell, random 11 year old house, flour in my face, watched knowing, and doing a "Anyone But You" performance 
    Found out that I sound like a balooga whale/chewbacca when I yawn. Felt a great amount of gratitude in my heart. Last football games, lots of long talks in the car:) 
    Lots of snow days, Had so much fun on my last German trip, felt love and peace as I reflected on the atonement at the Christus in Temple Square, Beat level 1 on Donkey Kong with the help of Maddie, wonderful Christmas with family

    HERE'S TO 2011...:)

    I am so blessed with a wonderful family. I have a selfless mother who would do anything for us. She supports me with every decision I make and never pressures me into something I don't want. She's forgiving and a wonderful example to our family. I'm thankful for my little brother, he is such a healing baby. He can bring a smile to my face when I'm at my lowest. Maddie is such an angel and is always seeking to serve others. She has so much integrity...she always stands up for what's right and I look up to her and her meek spirit so much. I love my family and all they do for me.

    I love my ward, teachers, my young women leaders, and fellow young women who have kept me strong and helped me this year. Whenever at church, I always receive love and guidance. I always get something from every lesson and talk given. I appreciate all of the hard work that is put into helping the youth. The Lord has blessed me so much. I'm so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and the miracle of forgiveness. I'm grateful for all that I have been given in these last days. I'm so blessed to know all that I know, and I'm grateful for my testimony and desire to do right.

    Last, but definitely not least, I'm so eternally thankful for my best friends and eternal sisters, Emily and Sophie. They have helped me through so much and they don't realize how much I've truly relied on them. They spent hours and nights piecing me back together when I fell apart. Spending a few minutes with them is better than any ab workout out there as we can laugh about the most ridiculous things, and going off on tangents is a specialty of ours. Their families have graciously accepted and opened their homes to me. They are always there and patiently comforting. Emily has such a strong testimony of the gospel and she is so close to the spirit. Every time I'm around her, it's uplifting. She always knows exactly what to say and I can trust her with anything. We can spend hours talking about scriptures and aspiring our future goals and plans. I admire Emily for her easy ability to look on the heart and see people for who they really are, spiritual brothers and sisters. Sophie can talk me through anything. She can always make things lighter and happier when I'm down. She lifts my burdens. She is always honest with me and always supports me and is there for me in any situation. She is so selfless and willing to give. Soph is so humble and a fun-loving girl. She can always make me laugh:) I'm so grateful that I was able to get to know these amazing daughters of God. They are true friends that I will never ever forget:)
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