Christmas style tips.

    There are tons of little things you can do to dress up and ho-hum outfit, but it needn't just start there. I have lots of little suggestions that make a big difference and they' re as easy as pie!
    Hair and Makeup.
    Just for tonight let someone else pamper you, but give the professional a trial run first. From experience, I have found tastes sometimes differ from mine, and if I'm paying... I say what works and what doesn't!
    ***Choose one or two... Fragrances you can layer... jewelry you can't.
    Hit the mall and look for the trendiest pair of earrings you can find. This year top honors go to chandelier earrings. They are very hot right now which means that there are tons of varieties to choose from. Next year... who knows!
    Look for a necklace that dazzles.
    If you can remove your watch strap, do so and replace with a velvet or satin ribbon that can be tied into a decadent bow.
    For that special party, choose a fragrance that you have reserved for special occasions only. It makes the night that much more festive.
    Remember that no one should be able to enjoy your fragrance until they step into your space. Most people forget that a little goes a long way.
    Shoes and Hosiery.
    **Rule of tumb...the higher the heel, the more sitting down you should do.
    There is something about what pair of heels can do for your legs. Now your feet... that's another story.
    Inexpensive pantyhose might be fine for daywear, but for special occasions, choose the most expensive stockings you can afford. Indulge yourse.
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