Palmdale Estates Wedding :: Amanda & John

    Random fact: The groom went to the movies by himself the morning of the wedding.

    Amanda & John are hitched. When they got hitched they got they decided it should be at the Palmdale Estates in Fremont. Lots of their friends and family were there to watch the hitching. There were 4 groomsmen and the bridesmaids wore red shoes. The whole affair was quite riveting. :P HUGE congrats guys. It was an honor to be a part. Amanda's mom wins MOB of the year for cutting such a rug on the dance floor.
    This moms got moves.

    Also want to say thank you to Janna for helping out as assistant on this wedding. She brought her Nikon but before the night was over, I convinced her Canon was the camera of choice for the pro, (kidding, please don't send me hate mail for knocking Nikon). THANKS JANNA!


    Just wanted to say that no shoes were injured during the taking of this shot. So fun.

    Mother-Son, Father-Daughter


    We should be working. Thanks Janna!
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