Had an amazing day with my best mate Beidy today.
    started off the morning by going to work with her and we got free rounds at the arcade,after that i slipped in the rain and fell on my arse since i thought i could "skate" with my boots,haha it was actually pretty hilarious.
    it rained the whole day which made things even more spectacular.
    after her work we headed to the airport to bust a mission and went to pick up her brother and his friend at his school,from their we dropped by McDonalds to eat;since we did not eat all day.
    we ended up parking and just us four eating in the the raindrops hit the rooftop,it was wonderful!
    then we head over to the theatres to go watch Yogi Bear.her brother and his friend made us laugh the whole ride their and going back home.
    i just had a wonderful day with her!she's the best mate that everyone should have...but i have :)

    hei hei
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