German Trip 2010

    Last German Trip ever! :(
    We started the day off eating at a German restaurant. Then we took a quick tour of the famous haunted Capitol theater. We took the trax to the gateway and spent some time shopping. Then dinner was at the Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square. We ended the night at Temple Square. It was the best! 
    Temple square was so so beautiful, I could stay there forever

    Forever 21:)

    Dish network it!

    We bought these cool bracelets that feed the poor...each color of bracelet represents a different country
    yellow= Sri Lanka
    silver= Pakistan
    heck yes!

    Oh've done it again!
    For lunch we ate at Siegfrieds, a German restaurant in downtown Salt Lake
    The lights were breath-taking....

    the spirit was strong...we visited the Christus and peace filled my soul as I reflected the atonement and my blessings
    Sophie, that little Japanese Cherry Blossom

    Home of the deep-fried baby cow and bratwurst 

    Waiting for the Trax!

    The nutcracker:)

    If I weren't so white, I could totally be gangster...haha more like wangster:)

    We spent a portion of the day at the gateway: window shopping, playing air-hockey in tilt, running off with random Asian boys ( haha soph), first-timer cheese on a stick, playing mini foosball, looking at calendars, planning our future travel destinations, eating yummy chocolate, laughing at random guys that are scared of escalators, putting on lotions at bath and body works, making fun of how worldly/materialistic stores and people in general are, a plethora of meaningful conversation:), making videos on the ipod at the apple store, getting criticized/flirted with by a random guy when we couldn't get the computer to work, giving to the poor, arguing over a pair of boots, laughing at the stupidest things, playing Elf on the escalator, and many more...

    Oh my heck, I absolutely love these girls!

    Other memories:
    trolley square or the gateway?, OH THAT STINKS...anyways, Yu and Sophie would look really cute together, but it doesn't matter anyways..I'm adopted. WHO TOLD YOU?!, I have a crush on rush, Just when you thought you were full...dessert:)
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