You sailed my boat...

    it's been a good break so far,haven't written on here 'cos i needed space from things.
    just a couple of minutes ago i figured out what i want for the new year.
    i don't want to cling onto mates so much,i'm growing up and i want to be on my own and have my own space.i dunno how you can break that to people you've known for so long,but i truly love being in my solitude and focusing on my things.i know people usually say it but you know that they really hate being alone.
    but me...i really love my fucking privacy,i don't love going out everyday of the week,i can be happy in my home and in my own mind,but people never get that point.
    i'll try changing that for the new year,a fresh start,and my own independence.
    hope you all had a beautiful Christmas,now New Years is coming up.

    hei hei
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