Hello !
    so this is the....

    u ready?! alrightyy, lets get started eh? :p


    HOW FUNNY R U???

    1. when ur walking alone at midnight at a dark n ther's no 1 else with u, what r u going 2 do??

    a. acting like Michael Jackson in his video klip : thriller
    b. calm urself down n hoping that d sounds of d grasshopers accompany ur lonelyness......
    c.have a vivid thought that something or someone is gonna come out suddenly in d dark, than that thing or person is a BIIGGG looooooooooooooserrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!???

    2. d cafe waitress droppes a tiramisu cake right on your dress. wat will u do??

    a. laugh @ urself that is dirty. well its better to get Tiramisu cake than plates or cups....
    even though its annoying, but u understand her mistake...
    c. VERRY ANNOYYEEDDDD!!!!! uve got a very big frowwwnnn on ur face...

    3.when ur hanging out wit ur friens, wat do u usually do?

    a. always making jokes n making d scenery look fun
    b. keep quiet, but @ times make funny faces
    c. laughing @ d weird things ur friends do

    4. ur bf( as in boyfriend) found out u were lying, what sentence will b ur "saviour" sentence??

    a. white lie is actually as sweet as white chocolate...
    b. im veryy sorry, i didnt mean 2 break ur heart...
    c. trust me, i lied bcoz of a strong reason

    5. wat will u do if d class start getting boring??

    a. look here look there 2 find inspirations 2 make a never-ending- connecting joke =.=(kids dont follow this)
    b. imagining famous jokers in 1 stage acting funnily
    c. sketch stuffs in a piece of paper until u loose ur boredom

    6.if ur friend started a joke but d joke seems 2 get boring n way 2 catchy wat do u do??

    a. + ur friends catchyness in his/her jokes
    b. keep on laughing even though it wasn't funny
    c. smile and slightly ask " whats d meaning/point hmpphhh??

    7. u found a boy u dont know n he looks confused in ur cousin's wedding party. wat type of joke will get 2 ur mind so that he will laugh??

    a. dont tell me u got 2 d wrong party??
    b. wow!! i met a very faraway cousin!! so far that i dont know him!!!
    c. wrong place?? luckily im d only 1 who notice

    8. which comedian can make u laugh d most??

    a. mr. bean
    b. charlie chaplin
    c. Jim Carey

    done answering?? well, scroll down 2 c ur results!!!

    mostly a: spontaneous( is that how u spell??)
    u always enjoy facing anything u meet. a bad situation or a nice 1, everything can b fun in ur eyes!! d nice 1 is, ur not nervous 2 laugh @ urselg n if something bad is happening. until u can even laugh ur head off something that is actually categorized as an ' unluckiness' that belongs 2 some1, 4 ex. when ur friend bumps d wall, u laugh ur head off. u must b more careful coz we dont know wat's inside other people's heart. dont make people break his/her heart or wanting 2 get revenge bcoz of ur jokes.

    mostly b : flexible
    every type of jokes from d innocent ones till d rude ones, u can accept any wit pleasure. automatically, u urself can choose d types of jokes that suites ur friends. until between u n ur friends, there's no such word as revenge( not joking revenge ex: i'll pay back ur joke hons!!)

    mostly c : formal
    bcoz of some reason
    , sometimes u choose to fight back ur friend's jokes. until u urself think 4 a while 2 understand ur friend's words. very often, u get hurt by their words. try 2 loose ur tolerance of jokes with patience :)~ you take everything seriously.
    so thats all!! :D

    be ready for the next iLadeeda postt~ <3


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