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    What!!? you thought all I did was weddings?

    Outside of wedding and portrait photography, I've shot for Realtors, musicians, doctors offices, authors, schools, custom clothiers an orphanage and the Golden Gate Bridge. Got a project?

    This one was for Royer Design, a custom home decor/designer here in the Bay Area. Most of the details you see in the images below, down to tile color and molding choices, wood furnishings and furniture selections and marbles design are all his brain child. If it's beautiful, it was probably his idea to paint it, build it or frame it that way. They are very hands on and Stan lives and breaths design. If he's anything like me, he dreams about his projects like I dream about photos. It's an artist thing.....

    Thank you to all the home owners, (4 homes total, all here in the Bay Area) who were gracious enough to open up to us and allow time for some photographs. Are these not some beautiful homes? When you quit drooling, buy a house. Once you sign papers, hire Royer Design to design it for you and make it look like these.

    the photos:

    The man the myth.....
    he is working here......

    a happy home owner.

    The Sauce.
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