It looks like an early winter for us.

    These are a few things that i got on my birthday and that i purchased myself on black Friday.
    the navy blue and white stripes knit sweater my friend Cristal got me for my birthday and it is really warm...and i looooove that it's over sized.
    the black furry boots my mum and dad gave me those for my birthday. they are also really warm and they have like a two inch wedge;they are also really comfy,almost feels like you are wearing casual shoes.
    the white knit beanie with the poof i purchased from Forever 21 and it's in "oatmeal" colour.
    it's my favourite at the moment.the navy blue i actually had for years but really haven't worn in.i love that it looks like a Russian hat when it's on my little head 'cos you mostly see the furry part of it.
    the two long sleeved shirts i also purchased from Forever 21 and they are comfy casual shirts.
    the candy is just to satisfy my sweet tooth,and i still have some ferrero rochers :)
    and as for my Harry Potter jelly beans i''m taking my sweet time with those,i've only eaten three...i had them when the first came out a long time ago so the fear that they will be gone is what's keeping me from going mental on them haha.
    i hope you all had a lovely day like i did,
    and i feel really good that i actually posted something of my own...
    i'll be doing more of these wise though.

    hei hei
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