Circle of fear.

    Tomorrow i will finally do a better post >.>
    i know i'm such a terrible procrastinator,but it's all in good reason.
    today i had loads of fun with my best mate at the Fashion District at Downtown LA,i always find fabric shopping really fun...for some odd reason.
    but it was just all really great,yet tiring.
    so i'll be posting those pictures up soon too,plus both of us are going to do a D.I.Y. feather earrings video this month,most likely before Christmas.and we might do one also for Christmas stockings.
    well,i guess this is all since i am working on one of my projects for finals right now...i actually love it too :)
    and plus the lovely weather this past week has been far too divine.
    hope you all are having a beautiful day!

    hei hei
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