The Chicago Wedding :: Evelyn & Christian

    Chicago, Chicago
    That toddlin' town


    Shot there about a year ago and had the chance to come back. (Ovi and Claudia, congrats on the new baby!) Chicago is a great city. Just wonderful. It's HUGE!!
    Like 10 San Fransiscos.

    This time out I got to shoot for Evelyn and Christian. Another great Romanian couple. Romainians are so cool. I plan on being one in my next life even. Large families, lots of friends, great food. Cabbage Rolls. OMG!! You HAVE to eat their cabbage rolls. I'm firmly convinced it will be served in heaven. Thanks for the extra time for shooting the party shots. I always appreciate that! Take notes current couples.

    Big thanks to Graeme of Pitman Photography for helping out as second shooter. Dude brought the thunder. To Chicago, thanks for always making me feel welcome guys. We hope to see you again soon!


    Flash flood the morning of the wedding. It miraculously disappeared in the afternoon.

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