Beautiful my monster

    In a couple of minutes my birthday will be done with,i feel like it's nothing special,just another year that you are older.the only moments i felt special were when i would walk into a class and someone would randomly say happy birthday;while i was dumb founded,and wondering how they figured me out.
    i also walked into one of my classes and looked under my leather jacket to find a small brown paper bag that my friend Lawrence had dropped off;a chocolate muffin,i immediately ran into hi class and thanked him and hugged him,he's the sweetest.
    i came home to some sushi and cheesecake and i could not stop eating,sushi is my weakness ;D
    as i've said many times before,i have daily sushi cravings.
    my best mate Beidy came over and brought me the most sweetest and creative present...truly almost had me in tears but i tried to conceal them.
    after she left my brother and sister decided it was time to beat me to a bloody beat down...well not literally of course haha,but it hurt like hell.
    it was a very simple and marvelous birthday 'cos i spent it with the ones i love,admire,and adore to death...if only Ville was here hahaha.
    but tomorrow is supposed day we actually are going to celebrate it along with the thanksgiving dinner,so i guess i'll actually dress up or whatever.

    hei hei
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