You got me in the situation,you got me backed against the wall.

    Today in Fashion Illustration class we were all experimenting with watercolour and adding layers,for shadow and highlights.i really enjoyed it a lot,i'll most likely post what i did in class in a blog at the end of this week,or in the weekend.
    my homework actually came out really great,i really loved my croquis more than the ones i was so used to doing,i think they look cute and dorky...which i very much love.
    the inspiration for the garments were Harry Potter,since i keep talking about it a lot,so i decided to just do something on it :)
    and i got a really good grade for it,which made me even more confident on where i am going now with my new croqui style.

    so enough of me and my art school rambling,
    i hope you all had a lovely day!

    hei hei

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