You won't find heart and soul in the stars.

    I woke up with a feeling that one day when i can finally feel free,and completely feel peace with myself,that maybe then i can move on and let go of all the things that have hurt me.
    i know that i will get the ending that i hope i deserve,whether it is a happy ending,or a simple one...i prefer the simple ending;rather than the "oh so happy" one.that was never my ending,and i don't think it ever will.all i want is to be stable in my weird quirky way.
    besides that i have to get some more croquis done for a new assignment for fashion illustration class,i already took my online midterm exam for Trends and Concepts and i did an ace job on it :)
    i want his week to fly by really fast,at least to Thursday 'cos that night i will be watching the Harry Potter midnight premiere,and i am also dressing up :p
    next Monday is Ville's birthday which i am also happy for.
    'til tomorrow luvvys,hope your day went well.

    hei hei
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