I remember.

    It was quite cold this morning,so i went all out in mittens,a beanie,a scarf,and a warm coat.
    i seriously looked like a snow bunny,and as soon as i got home i put on a chunky knitted cardigan my mum gave me in the summer.it is quite lovely now that i think about it.
    it's warm and really comfy.i'm pretty much obsessed with knits.
    on another note i just woke up from a nice and long nap that was very much needed.
    i made sushi with my sister and brother and it was really delicious,and it was great making dinner for the whole family.
    later on i will be watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show...it's a tradition of course ;)
    so maybe Thursday or Friday i will be posting pictures of those items that i purchased and nice and warm clothing items that i am obsessing over already.

    hei hei
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