Hei,as i said last week i was going to do a shoot with the makeup inspired from Jenni Vartiainen's recent video.her makeup has this dark,romantic,sophisticated vibe to it,as the song carries this deep sadness/melancholy feeling to it.
    in the video you see her singing for her "sweetheart" which she doesn't know where he is,she asks the wind to play with his hair and let him know that she is waiting for his return.i find it quite lovely and romantic.
    so this is what i wanted to do with these pictures,i actually like them.it's very difficult for me to like my own pictures 'cos i am very picky with them.
    at the moment all i am listening to is Jenni Vartiainen,Chisu,Scandinavian Music Group,and Belanova.

    nine more days for Ville's birthday :D
    i am SO excited,i love celebrating my hero's birthday.he's more than a singer to me,he's an exquisite poet,artist,and creator.i love everything he creates,with music,words,voice,pen,pencil,paints.he's beyond anything that i've ever seen or met.
    that's why i love him from the core!
    ayways,have a wonderful day luvvys.

    hei hei
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