Kamal hassan-Manmadhan Ambu

    Manmadhan Ambu story is available! If the sources are credible, the story is: Madhan Gopal (played by Madhavan) is deeply in love with the actress Ambujam (Trisha).

    He wants to figure out if it whether she is true and madly in love with him. To find out,he hires a private detective, a role that Kamal Hassan plays. Kamal & Trisha is going on a cruise for a meeting. He has seven days in hand to complete the mission.

    Since he follows Trisha constantly and befriends her, Kamal’s partner Sangeetha suspects that he is two-timing her.. Finally, Maddy explains Sangeetha about the purpose of tracking trisha by trisha and all ends well.

    The name Manmadhan ambu is derived from Manmadhan and Ambujam . It is said that Kamal’s character’s name could begin or end with “man.”Source URL: http://lifestyleartsblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/kamal-hassan-manmadhan-ambu.html
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