Autumn Playlist.

    MUSIC TIME!!!!!!

    i did an Autumn playlist last week in my Visual Language and Culture class...since i was pretty much bored in that class.
    these are songs that i can't stop playing,and i will be adding more that aren't listed on the actual paper.
    1.In Venere Veritas-HIM
    2.In The Arms Of Rain-HIM
    3.Disarm Me (with your loneliness)-HIM
    4.Duran Duran-Jenni Vartiainen
    5.Elamanperhonen-Jenni Vartiainen
    6.Sama Nainen-Chisu
    8.Nothing-The Script
    9.Exit Wounds-The Script
    10.The Chase-Kill Hannah
    11.Jealous Sky-Negative
    12.Neon Rain-Negative
    13.Vultures (be there for me)-Kill Hannah
    16.Man Of Stone-Husky Rescue
    17.Nothing In My Way-Keane
    18.My Shadow-Keane
    20.Moon Woman II-Elvis Perkins
    21.Don't Say Goodbye-The Veronicas
    23.The Crimson Door-HIM
    24.Dangerous Kind-The Rasmus
    25.Rosa Pastel-Belanova
    26.Tren Al Sur-Los Prisioneros
    28.Resuscitate Me-September
    that's all for now,but the reason i keep listening to these songs are everything from my mood,to the weather,the atmosphere that i am around,and just daily stuff.
    i hope you all enjoy these...if you even want to try any of these bands or singers.
    hei hei
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