My saviour these days:


    650 bucks for a bedframe and when we wanted to put it together it didn't fit!!! And since today is a public holiday in Saxony I have to wait till tomorrow for the service to show up to fix it. Which means more procrastination in terms of moving, since I can't finish the shelf before the bed is properly build and that means I can't bring over more of my books today. (Leading to chaos in my old room. While I didn't have a problem with chaos when I was younger, I started to really dislike it throughout the last year.)

    The kitchen isn't finished either, I still have no workplate and since I have such an expensive taste I always end up liking the plates which are really expensive with their print (Palisander, anyone). Argh.

    The bath still has no mirror, my desk is still in my old room, so are my plants, paperwork (strewn all over my desk) and jewellery. But my clothes are already over there!

    It's sooooooooo frustrating.
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