After that large dose of Misfits last night i went to sleep around four in the morning.
    it was well worth it though,it reminded me of when i was home schooled and i decided to watch Skins all night long,i'm really fond of those days.
    before i went to sleep though i had a small marathon of Damien Rice and Foals music,it really had me wondering of so many things and what i am striving for this year.i'm really going to do things that will help me feel much more content,and if i ever get depressed any day next year,i will deal with it and feel that emotion for as long as i can bare...
    i know it doesn't make much sense haha.
    anyways i have to go back to finishing up my male illustrations.

    p.s. tomorrow i will be making sushi with my sister after i come home from school,it's a birthday present from her which i will very much enjoy;since she's the one that will be teaching me :D

    hei hei
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