I long to be a part.

    I feel like when the world is depressing it is boring...
    or i was thinking it the other way around.i can't bare to think that my heart is really yearning for the snow,really badly though.at the moment it's forty something degrees and it is raining outside,but i'm enjoying every bit of it by watching Leap Year,i actually like it so far.
    but all i am thinking of is Rupert Grint :)
    i'm a complete mess as well since i'm not going anywhere and am just staying in the house for the time being...which reminds me that i have to get started on my next assignment for fashion illustration.i will only have three more weeks til my winter quarter comes to an end,and i'm anticipating it since i would really enjoy a three week away from school.
    well,i hope you all had great holidays and a splendid day.

    hei hei
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