Loose your clothes and show your scars,it's who you are.

    It is finally sweet November,my favourite month,not 'cos of my birthday but 'cos it's Ville's birthday.i also love the fact that the leaves change colours and soon fall of the trees "dead" branches.
    tomorrow is the day of the dead,i can't wait i'm going to leave one of my mum mums a cup of coffee since that is what she loved the most,my mum mum Josephine i will be leaving her a garment i made and some flowers;she loved making clothes for my grand-dad and my mum and her siblings before she passed away,mum thinks i get my love for making clothes from her.i'm still thinking on what i should leave both my grand-dads.
    right now all i am doing is finishing up my fashion illustrations and then i will be typing up my homework for my Wednesday class,i have tons to do.
    so i hope you all had a great first day of November.

    hei hei
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