You take an old trick that scamsters have been doing for eons, dress it up with some pretty design and some sciency sounding words and then get yourself into gymnasiums and convince the sweaty denizens that your magic plastic wrist band can make them stronger and have better balance. Once you have the money rolling in from that (and at $60 each for bangles that probably cost less than a dollar to make it rolls in fast) you convince a television show to give you some free publicity. When that publicity backfires a little and causes some questioning of the product you run away and hide, cutting off all communication with critics because you can't justify the claims you make. The one thing stopping this site from being a candidate for an Anus Maximus Award is that the only damage done to victims is financial and even then $60 is not a great deal of money. Taking it from people without offering anything of benefit in return is naughty, but most people don't die just because someone came along and took their money.
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