Kizuna Japanese Restaurant @ Ipoh Garden East.

    Celebrated Valentine's Day with the gang on a Monday night. A simple dinner and hang out session.
    It's my third visit to the restaurant and actually got shocked when told by my friend that we are going to dine at this Japanese Restaurant. Had bad experience previously where my miso soup was contaminated with a cockroach inside the soup. Anyway, this visit did not disappoint me and felt much better.

    Green Tea in a big teapot

    My favorite Chuka Kurage (marinated Jelly Fish) RM5

    Chuka Wakame (Marinated Seaweed) RM5

    Grilled Saba Fish

    Mixed Platter (Chicken, vegetables, prawns and squid). Special order and not available in the menu. Although the appearance seems normal and not attractive at all but it tasted great! Indeed a good combination and not weird at all! Sweet and toothsome!! Serve it with garlic rice!

    Kaisen Guratan (Seafood Cheese Baked Rice) RM22 *thumbs up* This is awesomely nice! A well mixture of western and asian style. The cheese baked to golden and the rice is tender. It goes well with the seafood inside. Share this with one or two friends, or else you will feel "jelak" eating up the pot all alone. 

    Salmon Belly Sashimi (RM26). The salmon comes in thick slices and freshly served. Indeed an appetizing dish.Yums!

    Skewers: Yaki Tori (Chicken) RM5, Hotate Yaki (Scallops) RM12, Geso Yaki (Squid) RM8. Each of them comes in a pair/2 sticks. The chicken one was well marinated and tasted good! The other two were average only.

    Avocado Special Maki (RM20). It's slightly abit pricey but worth paying for this decent dish. It was wrapped with a thin sliced avocado piece, covering up sticky rice and ingredients which I hardly name them out. But there's something in the middle which is crispy, very nice! Trust me, you will definitely love this especially the ladies! 

    Unagi Maki (RM20). Another savory plate of sushi topped with Unagi.  

    Kizuna Japanese Restaurant
    8-10, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B, 
    Medan Ipoh Bestari,
    31499 Ipoh.

    Food : 7.5/10
    Service : 7.5/10
    Pricing : 6/10
    Ambiance : 7/10

    Off to E-box for some K-session, which I don't really sing but enjoyed with the gang. I've been telling everyone that I am not good in singing and the microphone could be louder than my voice! No jokes!
    Headed to Tuck Kee Restaurant for late night supper after K-session. It's one of the famous restaurant serving good fried noodles(be it Cantonese Fried Noodles, Hokkien Mee, Wat Tan Hor, etc), braised chicken feet, etc.

    Braised Chicken Feet! It is so soft and full of flavor! A savory dish that you must try at Tuck Kee. The sauce is thick and fragrant with herbs added when braising the chicken feet. 

    Restoran Tuck Kee
    Jalan Yau Tet Shin
    30300 New Town, Ipoh. (same row as Lou Wong bean sprout & chicken)

    Food : 8/10
    Service : 6/10
    Pricing : 8/10
    Ambiance : 5/10
    Verdict : Don't expect good environment as you might end up sitting at the road side when it is full house in the inside. 

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