7 Days of Love: Day 7 - Come and Gone

    Day 7 of our SPREAD THE LOVE campaign was spent organizing, planning and preparing.  For Valentine's day, Erika and I took a trip to north Houston to do a little horseback riding at sunset.  Something we haven't done together since our honeymoon in Hawaii.  Aside from a former race horse re-enacting a Kentucky derby style gallop with Erika hanging on for dear life, it was really nice.  We then stopped for dinner and visited all of our favorite places in The Woodlands.  To us, the day isn't about a hallmark card, chocolates and flowers (yes, I did get her a card & flowers, I'm not dense), it's about spending the precious moments we have together doing things that we enjoy to show each other how much we love one another.

    Now it's back to the daily grind, and for those of you planning on going to the bridal show this weekend, stop by our booth for a visit and we might just have a little something for you too.  So, to wrap up our 7 Days of Love, we'll leave you with some of our favorite couples images.

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