Another Openin'! Another show!...Kiss Me Kate

    This year I decided to participate in the annual Mount Harrison production for 2011: Kiss Me Kate. I had a lot of fun getting to know new personalities and I learned so much as I opened my mind. I gained some new friends. Most of the fun was backstage, but the play was pretty good

    oh how we love our professional leads!!.....

    Emmett and the ladies

    Em, al, Lexi, and cara...chillin' on the couch:)

    HA HA HA playing the HA game!


    I love these girls!

    The whole cast

    Scandal...oh and Lexi's rose poked her haha

    I don't know what Em was doing, but this picture makes me laugh
    We love Jonah!! This is one neat kid...he unknowingly taught me so much. Jonah is such a wonderful example to me...he always expresses so much gratitude and he radiates happiness and love at all times. He is so selfless and helpful to others. He always tries to do what's right and has a strong testimony of Christ. He is an awesome little brother:) Love ya Jonah

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