Who am I?

    I'm the kind of person who will see all your faults and learn to love you for them, someone you could talk to for hours at a time, who will put herself in your situation and see the reason behind what you do and why you do it, who will always be there when needed, who will surprise you when you least expect it, who notices the little things especially when no one else does, who doesn't always do the popular average thing, who is content looking up at the sky and watching the clouds pass and birds fly by, who has too many ambitions, who loves to laugh and be happy, who falls in love too easily and cares too much, who falls for lies and excuses, and like a human always makes mistakes, who doesn't question her mind or opinions yet believes what she wants, who treasures her testimony above all the riches of the world, who wakes up in the middle of the night and calls you, who doesn't trust easily, who enjoys life and will do anything for the people she loves. 

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