Tropic like it's hot: Pref 2011

    Pref 2011
    Definitely one of my favorite dances. It was the first time I was able to be in a group with both Soph and Em. We didn't have a day date (which worked out better actually). We picked the boys up once we found was like a treasure hunt I'm tellin' ya...then we ate some yummy Hawaiian haystacks, played: mad gab, oh-wat-an-ah, and SPOON GAME(tribute to Sophie), the dance was average ha, and then we watched part of Taken while simultaneously ruining the whole movie for Logan:) 

    My two best friends and 3 great respectful guys: couldn't ask for a better group! 

    Brae Brae and Emsky

    That would be Logan and Sophie;)

    Rob and Alli
     The three hulas

    Em and al

    Soph and Al

    End of girl ask guy high school we know it!Source URL:
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