David Robinson Art: Imagination Over Drive!

    Our resident artist David Robinson has recently been sketching loads and loads of ideas! He recently stated to us  "some are so technical that I wouldn’t know how to paint them, so over the next few weeks I am going to try and achieve these new techniques". One in mind was painting silver. David  prefers the old way of doing it which involves deep blues and gray’s, he doesn't think it would look real enough if he just used silver paint. David is keen to employ reflection which is another experiment.

    Whilst doing theses experiments he started three new surrealism pieces - two 30"x20” on canvas board, which will include his lampposts and one 20"x20” piece which is more serious. David says " you will understand when you see it in a few weeks/months time, as I am spending a lot on that one and there’s a lot more in the sketchbook to follow!"

    Below as two new chaps that David has been working on.....we love them....and we are sure you do too! 

    `Don`t Let Love Float Away` by David Robinson

    `This Isn't Right` by David Robinson

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