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    A couple of months ago Em invited me to a fireside and it was so inspirational. The lady speaking was Mariama Kallon. She was raised in a country ravaged by civil war and narrowly escaped torture by murderous rebel forces. After losing her entire family and everything she owned, she was guided to safety as she found refuge with a Latter-day Saint family in her native Sierra Leone. Touched by the teachings of the Restoration, and full of gratitude for all the Lord had done for her, Mariama wanted to wear her own missionary nametag. With barely a single change of clothes and a Church-sent hygiene kit as her only worldly possessions, she made the trek to the United States and began a full-time mission on Temple Square.
    Hearing her personal testimony really strengthened me. Her story was incredible. She has such a great amount of faith in the Lord and he provided a way for her. Listening to her also gave me a desire to serve more and do more humanitarian work. The church is true...and look how many lives are being blessed! One more example:)Source URL:
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