Pomp and Circumstance on the brain?...Graduation Class of 2011!!

    Well it's hard to believe that high school has already come and gone! Four years...wow! I'm so ready for this new chapter in my life:) 

     haha ummm this one's a little wierd
     i love this shot:)
     I'm going to miss Soph:(
     Me and Ogre...aka Shawniece
     Oh I love these two..my kiss me kate buddies Aliina and Cara
    Meg-o and Miranda:) 
     haha umm I have no idea
     aww Emsky I love you!!
     This picture makes me chuckle
     Juju and Emi!!
     Soph and I with the infamous MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY
     Brandy Handy

     Shanley, Bowers, and Deann...love these girls!
     Ohhh Chelsae!! I'm gonna miss ya...you'll always be one of my best friends...so many memories:)
     Dom dom Dominique Quast
    Mak!!! I love my favorite future Roomie:)

    This year our class was awesome...we did a flash mob during the Graduation ceremony...how cool is that??!

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