Sarah Bayliss at the Sherborne County Fair and Bath & West Show 2011

    Our resident artist Sarah Bayliss was experience a busy and exciting time at the Sherborne Country Fair. The weather was incredibly wet and the rain came down in torrents all day but the brave people of Sherborne still turned out! Despite the weather, Sarah did very well indeed!

    The Bath & West Show was fantastic, excellent weather and huge crowds. Sarah enjoyed every minute of it and received a fantastic reaction to her work. Sarahs said "I really seem to be appealing to such a wide range of customers. The farmers themselves can really relate to the characters of my animals, particularly the cows. The collection made so many people smile it was fabulous!"

    Sarah is now embarking on her next venture which is The South of England Show which runs from 9th until 11th June 2011. It's a busy time for her having to pack up reload her van and unpack again!  Sarah is also doing RNAS Yeovilton's Air Day  on 9th July 2011. Sarah says "It's so hectic I really don't know whether I'm coming or going....all I do know is that I seem to be going to a lot of shows and having a fabulous time exhibiting my work!"

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