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  • wacky4alanis
    Jan 4, 10:16 AM
    Not interested - the Tom Tom app is great, and I don't have to worry about data coverage. When you drive around in rural areas, it can definitely be a big issue. There are plenty of much cheaper apps that download maps on the fly. Free traffic is a plus though - that may be the one selling point. I have to pay a yearly fee with Tom Tom.

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  • QCassidy352
    Sep 17, 12:04 PM
    Sorry dude, all the lights are red at this intersection.

    Sadly, I agree. There are other possible explanations, but I'm afraid occam's razor (http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/OCCAMRAZ.html) applies here. ;)

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  • vocaro
    Nov 11, 02:57 AM
    In addition to the Japanese version, there are four other non-English ads (http://www.digg.com/apple/Apple_s_Get_a_Mac_campaign_goes_international). Unfortunately, unlike the Japanese one, they are simply dubbed and do not use other actors.

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  • shawnce
    Nov 21, 05:17 PM
    I haven't read the whole article yet, but from the sounds of it, it seems as though a laptop can be charged without plugging in it. That is the processor that converts heart to electricity could either charge the battery or provide it's own power to the laptop. That would extend battery life, not sure by how much, but if it is a decent amount, this technology would be great for laptops.

    Then again there's the heat issue. While the heat will provide electricity, your going to have to have a decent cooling system, which hopefully wouldn't suck to much power. Or maybe the converted power can be used only for the cooling system leaving the rest for the battery, thus conserving power anyways....just thinking aloud here though. :)

    It needs a heat differential to generate electricity... that has to come from some place... when the company talks about it being used as power source for running the laptop it requires the use of a small heat source (microburner) that burns a combustible and portable fuel source (ethanol, propane, etc.). This is a feasible product.

    In the case of using waste heat given off by the CPU it remains to be seen just how much energy they can recover...

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  • Sdashiki
    Oct 11, 10:02 AM

    I loved the game, but hated the ol' built to take your money mentality of some of the boss battles.

    Like The Simpsons game before it.


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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 10, 12:18 PM
    OK, so it appears any category with no super-category appears on the main page automatically. As it stands Mac Hardware, iPhone and iPod Touch and iPod and Apple TV are mostly done.

    Articles that haven't been re-categorised yet are in Old Categories, though Software hasn't really been streamlined at all (just relevant stuff is in there as a subcategory) and the same applies to Networking and Internet.

    Forum Posts needs moving to its new home as a "Special Category" but I can't do that. Guides has also been made a sub-category of "Old Categories", though as its a Special Category it doesn't seem to have disappeared (but I may be being impatient).

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  • BaldiMac
    May 5, 07:39 PM
    Macs sales are growing at the same pace as the industry. This industry that is apparently post-PC. Basically, Microsoft are not loosing sleep over Mac sales. Microsoft are not going anywhere.

    Mac sales have outpaced the market for 20 consecutive quarters. In other words, Macs have gained market share every quarter for 5 years.

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  • jbourassa
    Oct 31, 02:49 PM
    Hello. I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum, but I'll post anyway.. ;)
    When I read a CD, I hear "tick tick tick tick..." instead of the song. Same thing when I import the songs and read them. It also does the same thing when I read the imported songs from my desktop pc in my Laptop (both PCs btw, im too poor to switch yet. maybe next year). But I can read and import the songs from the CD when I'm on my laptop. Also, I can listen to the songs allright if I import them from my laptopn then send it on my desktop PC.

    Any clue? please help me!

    (ps : my laptop has 4.6 and my desktop pc has 4.7... And yes i tried to re-install!)

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  • baryon
    Apr 5, 08:47 AM
    If I would leak something, I would make sure the device is clean, the camera is in focus and there is enough light.

    Why are leaked images (almost) always such bad quality?

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  • ejfontenot
    Mar 11, 10:36 AM
    Chomping at the bit to be at Stonebriar, can't leave here til 4!

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  • JackAxe
    Mar 28, 04:35 PM
    Nintendo was smart to put in the option to adjust and turn off the 3D.

    Faceraiders is fun and I thought I'd hate it.

    I played Zelda: Spirit Tracks up to the first Forest Temple last night. I knew buying this thing would get me back into this game, I had put down so long ago. :)

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  • X-Men: First Class (movie)

  • typecase
    Aug 14, 05:12 PM
    Speaking of parodies, this one's my favorite:


    One of my favorites too! :D

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  • X-Men First Class Movie

  • newmacuser13
    Nov 14, 01:28 PM
    I think this would be great, but really, how many seats will get actual connections. Ever try to find an empower jack on a plane in coach - I've never seen one yet. A great idea, but poorly executed. Hopefully Apple can bring it to the masses (coach) not just 1st class seats. Hey airlines, while your doing the wiring, how about installing those empower jacks at the same time.

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  • DeSnousa
    Apr 16, 08:37 AM
    Every little bit helps. But what we really need is people with 8 cores plus (virtual, desktop machine) running bigadv, at least until faster GPU and/or a GPU client for mac.

    Glad to hear from other users on the forum :)

    We have lost more active users since I started this thread :( Come on every one, every bit helps. Hell if we had 1000 users folding 100 points a day that would go a long way, and for those who don't fold 100 points is not that hard for a modern computer :)

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  • lmalave
    Oct 16, 10:33 PM
    A good selling point would have to be how fast you can put on your music. My sister's Treo is painfully slow at that.


    The Treo, like most music phones, use media cards. If you use a USB media card reader instead of a sync cable, it should sync at USB 2.0 speeds. No need for FireWire. That's how I put music on my SonyEricsson phone.

    X Men First Class Movie. James McAvoy in X-Men: First
  • James McAvoy in X-Men: First

  • bretm
    Mar 29, 07:49 AM
    He's very into simplicity and minimalism, just look at the way apple products are designed. I think its a conscious choice to wear a simple black turtleneck and jeans, even though he could easily afford any clothes he wanted.

    Once again,it's not a turtleneck and I've yet to see Jobs wear a turtleneck. Can anyone find a pic of him in a turtleneck?

    X Men First Class Movie. X-Men: First Class movie
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  • RacerX
    Apr 3, 04:03 PM
    I think if it's trying to define a new category it will fail.
    Well, Pages for NEXTSTEP failed, so it already has a history of that. But that doesn't negate the fact that a number of new categories are needed to fill in the gaps left by the current line of specialty apps.

    But a more important question is... Do you want it to fail? And is this because you don't see this need from your point of view? Or that you can't comprehend a new category?

    Why, in your opinion, is it going to fail?

    People won't really know what to do with it and won't understand why they need it. It's important to provide a comparison so that people can understand what they can do with the app.
    Why is a comparison needed? Are people unable to understand a description?

    When you compare it to PageMaker, that doesn't help the people who it is aimed at. They know nothing of PageMaker. The comparison is meaningless to them. Why do you think Apple has been pushing it more along the lines of a word processor? Because it is aimed at people who want something more than a word processor but have no clue about PageMaker, InDesign or QuarkXPress.

    And by making a comparison you are setting up the other app as the yard stick...

    I'm just saying give Pages a chance to find it's own place.

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  • macUser2007
    Apr 19, 03:00 PM
    My impression is that Apple does not want to tell you what to watch on your iPhone. ... They don't want it to be known for pornography. ... Another important thing to consider is that in today's world it doesn't take much for a media frenzy to develop if your product is linked to some kind of sensational crime or scandal.....

    What does ANY of this have to do to Apple rejecting a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist from the App Store?

    X Men First Class Movie. X Men First Class movie
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  • big
    Sep 14, 08:53 PM

    thanks...I knew anyone who could dissasemble their mac and turn it into leftovers would know about this stuff...

    half that I had forgotten, the other I just couldn't remember

    Apr 7, 05:07 PM
    I thought you felt this way about the Jews... So, who's worse? The tea baggers or the christ killers?

    Hey . . . we determined that the Palestinians were the Christ killers.

    Oct 27, 01:14 AM
    Yeah! I knew paying for .mac would pay off in the end!! I like it. Cool stuff.

    Designer Dale
    Mar 16, 02:44 PM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5051/5531424429_1eaf976b56_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/damoncrane/5531424429/in/photostream/)
    I like the crop you used here better than the original post. The frame is broken up with the subject in the left portion and the horses head leads into the right. Nice(er).

    I know I'm a bit late, but I took this on saturday partially with this challenge in mind. What do you think?

    Very good Tall Ship and the Golden Gate shot. I like the framing with the ship placed off center.

    AoB has the next Challenge posted. It is the last of the original three chosen and one of us will open a new topic thread to cover the next three in a week or so.

    Hats off to everyone for keeping this up and running.


    Jun 15, 09:17 PM
    Updated new price!:apple::apple:

    Apr 12, 02:00 PM
    Outlook still only works with gmail email. There is no support for gmail calendars, contacts, todo's, etc...

    Outlook is still unusable.

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