beachy hairstyles.

    ever wished you look good even in the beach?
    hmm, well that means you need a super cute bathing suit!

    but we've got the hair solution for you!

    look at the picture below:
    this is call the ' beachy curls'.
    it is a reaallllyyy pretty and cute hairstyle for girls all age and its really simple to do.
    we would do a tutorial if we could but *here comes another excuse* we are having exams and we cant really meet up :(

    this is how the beachy curls look from the back.

    or this 'bohemian braid' cute look.
    simple but reaallly cute and pretty especially for girls with long hair with a little bit of highlights.
    and THIS, is the beachy combo! its a really fun looking hairstyle with a collaboration of mini braids and different curls.
    you would look really awesome!
    you would need a straightener and a heat protectant thingyy to avoid your hair to go ugly and frizzy or dry!

    so this is the turtorial for BEACHY CURLS:
    video below! :)

    oh and check out HERE CLICK MOI for more!
    there are a LOT of cute hairstyles you'll love for sure, no doubt (:

    so tataa
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