"Studio In The Attic" Exhibition 2011 - Bridport.

    West Country Galleries paid a visit to the "Studio In The Attic" Exhibition which was held at St Michael's Studios, Bridport from 21st-30th May.

    The exhibition was held by our resident artists Sally Davies and Marion Taylor. It was a complete success with nearly 800 visitors passing through the doors!

    Bridport has now become known as the "Art and Vintage Quarter". Bridport harbours a rabbit warren of artists together with the backdrop of funky shops acting as a beacon to visitors and tourists alike with delights and treats on offer to all.  Many artists have often said how lucky they are to have such an interesting place to exhibit their creations.

    Marion's work exudes happiness and colour. Her detailed studies of butterflies which was one of her chosen pieces to show at the exhibition, demonstrates pristine detail with an accurate eye for detail. Marion also paints on canvas, wood panel and paper depicting Dorset's varied landscapes.

    Sally is a visionary artist. Her gorgeous digital art - photography, filters out the intrinsic beauty of nature. Very observant in her observation of the quirky elements and her potential to mould her talent into the creation of great art through the proficient tweaks of shape and adjustments of colour.

    The attached Exhibition video on this blog is to give our website visitors a taste of the abundant talent and professionalism our resident artists convey when showing their work.

    See their Facebook page "Studio In The Attic"

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