Last days as a senior!

    Well it has been a busy and exciting time for me...I'm barely catching up on blogging and sleep after a crazy of crazies week.
     finally done with the hyped up senior presentation that we spent all year stressing over!! Well...not really us two:) Thanks Mr. Floyd!
    My presentation was on dreams...I could go off on a shpill of what it was but I'll save you some sanity:) 
    For our senior trip, we got to go to Lagoon! It was rainy and cold all day but still so much fun! This picture is the best:)
     cold awkward faces
     They wouldn't let us three ride together but that didn't stop us from taking a picture together!

    Logan, Soph, me, Em, Bowers, and Tay
    Getting ready for Minico's Prom---haha I fell asleep while Em was doing my hair but it kinda looks like I'm praying.
    My date, Trevor...thanks for the fun time! We went laser tagging for our day date:)
     Best seminary class EVER...I loved feeling the spirit:)

     After the senior baccalaureate, Heather invited us over for some yummy chocolate fondue! It was the best (even though I don't like chocolate) 

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