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  • Horrortaxi
    Apr 2, 03:34 PM
    If you have been using a computer for the last 20 years, there is no question that Word currently is the way to go, it seems to be perfected.

    Word was perfected at least 12 years ago. Since then it's been a steady slide into very non-perfect bloatware. When you can't add any more useful features you have to add gimmicks I guess.

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  • Machead III
    Jan 6, 09:50 AM

    I wasn 't buying any of the in depth analysis people were making over the New Year splash, but now...

    We can be pretty sure the two images represent colours and styles involved in a new theme - whether that theme is simply a logo for iTV (most likely), Leopard (still pretty likely) or an iPhone/new iPod (unlikely, just because... it doesn't look very relevant) is unknown.

    I hope it's Leopard tbh. I couldn't give a sh�t about iTV.

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  • shadowfax0
    Sep 14, 11:57 PM
    For everyone ccmplaiing about speed, go here:

    This is Sun's highest-end workstation, it runs with 2x1020 MHz processors. Also, Sun chips are based on RISC.

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  • bbeagle
    Mar 23, 01:43 PM
    This would greatly improve the usability of airplay, in my opinion.

    Imagine you had your TV on some random channel, while surfing the internet on your iPad. If your TV supported AirPlay, then you could just click the Airplay button on your iPad, and the random channel would be changed to the Airplay content. You wouldn't have to change the tuners over to Apple TV. Much more convenient.

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  • name and a workgroup name.

  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 14, 11:48 AM
    OK, now that we'll have iPod integration on flights from major airlines... And there's talk of broadband access in-flight at some point in the near future. Hmmm... I can see it now. Steve's plan is to have the iPod integration in place so that the next time I'm on a 14 hour flight, I have nothing to do but play with my iPod and shop the iTunes store. ...World domination, one small step at a time.

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  • evansykes
    Mar 27, 07:03 AM
    I just wonder how it is comfortable to cross your legs like that. That is all I wonder...

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  • Workgroup #39;a yada herhangi bir

  • geekgirrl
    Apr 22, 08:16 AM
    There better be a bigger screen or I'm dumping Apple like a cold dirty ice cube and switching to android. It's basically an iphone, which is why Sammy is getting sued :)

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  • and Workgroup Environments

  • dcv
    Nov 14, 08:40 AM
    "Mummy, why is that man watching those naked people doing things to each other." :p

    LMAO, Post of the Week� :D

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  • Crigger540
    Apr 24, 08:14 PM
    Aw! I got excited, I thought by the title that this was going to be something new.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Apr 7, 06:59 PM
    According to this article
    it seems pretty clear the Tea Partiers do not want to compromise at all. They not only want 33-50bill in cuts but they want to choose were they come from.

    50 billion out of a budget of what? A trillion and a bit? What's really ridiculous is all the petty bitching coming out of DC over what amounts to less than 5% of the total. The Titanic is hit and two engineers are fighting over whether or not to turn on one pump.

    If the government "shuts down", not much will change. Life will continue.

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  • domain, for instance just

  • iGary
    Sep 9, 09:17 AM
    I've driven through Valle Crucis ( a couple times, but never stayed. It's a gorgeous, isolated N.C. mountain town. May be farther than you're willing to drive, though--I'd guess about 8 hours from Maryland.

    Tha looks tempting, WM.

    I'm also thinking of packing up my dusty collection of new, but long-unused fly rods and heading to Pennsylvania for some trout.

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  • Colligo Workgroup Edition,

  • Lord Appleseed
    Apr 25, 03:18 AM
    Retina Display
    backlit keyboard Option (so everyone who wants to have it can have it)
    bigger SSD drives
    faster/newer processor
    upgradable Ram

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  • sethwerkheiser
    May 22, 10:23 AM
    I'm just tired of family members asking me to help fix their Windows machines all the time. Blue screens, fatal errors, etc. etc. I mean, I've been using Windows machines since around 1993. Imagine my inlaws and parents, who arent so adept at using computers (you mean theres other browsers than INTERNET EXPLORER?!!?), and trying to get past blue screens, mouse conflicts, fatal errors, etc.

    So now we're "switching" tommorow... a shiney new iBook will be mine tommorow night. I just hope to show those around me "the light"! hahaha... so then I'll have less "can you fix my computer?!" phone calls. hehe

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  • Kernow
    Sep 27, 08:52 AM
    I hope so, 10.4.7 is still the prime suspect for breaking my Firewire audio interface.

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  • some different workgroups.

  • apttap
    Apr 19, 09:52 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    It doesn't really show any new features. Probably just a test build of iOS multitasking before they settled on the UI.

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  • On the Workgroup or Computer

  • dscuber9000
    Apr 8, 10:45 AM
    People won't have sex if they aren't educated about birth control.

    That's not how I remember high school. :p

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 5, 10:57 AM
    I really like my iPad 2.

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  • Dagless
    Dec 17, 02:44 PM
    I also find it ironic that people are being told to buy a song which famously has the lyric;
    ****** you i wont do what you tell me

    Joe Public is a clever.

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  • domain or workgroup name.

  • Ruahrc
    Mar 18, 03:24 PM
    Its funny that film and film cameras were so difficult to get right, but there was almost no post-processing. Now we shoot computers with lenses attached, get great technical results, yet post-process our photos to death.

    I don't think this is entirely true. There was plenty of post processing back in the film days, just look at the works of Ansel Adams. It's just that the typical hobby photographer wasn't the one doing it- he sent his film off to a processing lab where it got developed and "post processed" by the lab technicians. Nowadays, with digital, the hobby photographer does almost all of the post processing himself.

    The fundamentals of the process have not changed all that much, just who does them, and where/how.


    Apr 16, 03:48 PM
    I'm not a developer and have no idea what their policies are but will say I think it's a bit lame to have that double standard. If I was the cartoonist I wouldn't have resubmitted it. Or if I did it would have been a cartoon mocking the double standard of Apple.... I'd then blog about the whole experience. :D

    May 4, 06:40 AM
    I can't download it, the "Download Mac Client" is just gray. Is it becaus i live in Europe?

    Only the US client went live last week
    the EU one was delayed for extra testing on the servers.
    official dude on the blizzard forums said they hoped to release the EU client last night - but in the end he came back and said it would probably be today (Tuesday) instead.
    But, seeing as they work West Coast USA time, that might mean it's unlikely to become available to us until the middle of the night tonight

    i tried the pc client under boot camp - looked great, was a real buzz to playing the old game again with such nice graphics

    Apr 5, 12:58 PM
    If I would leak something, I would make sure the device is clean, the camera is in focus and there is enough light.

    Why are leaked images (almost) always such bad quality?

    The source of the pictures said he used his new iPad 2, to take the shots! :cool:

    Apr 19, 03:38 PM
    I wish Expos� would have been in iOS 4. I really don't like the current multitasking option.

    I like it on my iPad but expose would have been much better.

    Also, using gestures would make much more sense with expose; plus I think its a better experience overall. :)

    Oct 9, 03:05 PM
    I thought Wal-Mart denied these claims?

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