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  • MacRumors
    Jun 18, 01:17 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/06/18/new-mac-mini-supports-sdxc-specification-for-memory-cards-up-to-2-tb/)


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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 18, 01:03 AM
    It smart for a teen, who is close to my age (20), to get into contact with a friend to get duplicated iPhone 4 cases in white, The look on the back looks original from Apple. I see Apple suing him for selling copy right infringement material. That would suck for him. I also see a issue for a Foxcomm employee letting material go out the door and Apple would get pissed over that. Apple has no power against the people. Only thing they can do is say "Oh well." :D

    Unfortunately, you're wrong on most if not all counts.

    First, it would be patented material, not copyrighted material. And patent infringement, especially design patents, is really quite easy to pursue.

    Second, the Chinese supplier is "Foxconn", not "Foxcomm".

    Third, and finally, in cases like these, as a general rule, even though Foxconn is the supplier, Apple is the owner of the parts. If Apple ordered that the parts in question be destroyed, putting them in a box and taking them home doesn't count, and certainly neither does selling them to a friend in the US. If they are the actual parts produced for Apple, then it is quite likely that they are, indeed stolen goods, and both this boy and the employee who got the parts for him are in trouble.

    However, if the people involved were a bit smarter, then these parts would be from a production run not ordered by Apple. Under those circumstances, depending on how the contract is worded, there may have been enough wiggle room for them to sell these parts, especially given the fact that the actual Apple parts never went into formal production.

    Finally, while it's arguably quite impressive that this kid was able to sell about 450 kits, to the tune of $130K, it's important to remember that this doesn't mean that he's made $130K. I would think it much more likely that he's getting maybe 10%-20% of that. Still, $13,000-$26,000 is not a bad haul for a couple months work...

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  • Whale and Dolphin Playing

  • byulasfjazz
    Aug 19, 10:21 AM
    YEP! - But how many people say "do you have a Facebook" when you first meet them and add them later in the day? Also, haven't you heard about the privacy issues, you surely must not live under a rock!

    I dont add them.. I swear to you im not a grinch.. I just ignore it. unless I know people well.. I dont add them. Some of my co-workers I dont even add.

    If you trust someone enough to see all the things you do on facebook.. you should be able to trust they are not going to KILL or ROB you..

    Why do people add others they dont really know?? are we having a contest to see who has the most friends?

    Am I alone when only adding people I KNOW I will hang out with or talk to on a normal basis??

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  • Dolphins and Whales 3D Poster

  • rmhop81
    Mar 23, 01:39 PM
    how bout let's make sure that airplay video playback works first before you try to license it out. has not work from day 1 on my appletv

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  • Nearly 200 pilot whales and

  • jhatz
    Apr 17, 11:41 AM
    I used to clean my Black MacBook with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. It would have scratches that seemed would not come out with light soap and a rag but immediately lifted out with the magic eraser. That was a plastic case however, I'm not sure how it works on the aluminum unibody style.

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  • The Whale amp; Dolphin Marine

  • ftaok
    Apr 1, 02:01 PM
    I'd gladly pay $5 per channel knowing those channels are supported and any funding is stripped from the others. That'd half my monthly bill, and $5 a channel is more than fair, right?Then perhaps you'd be one of the ones that would end up paying less. However, if you think the channels you keep would remain unchanged, I think you'd be disappointed. Get ready for sitcoms, reality shows, and political pundits 24/7.

    If the others can't appeal to their subscribers, bye bye crap channels.Just because a channel can't garner enough subscribers doesn't mean it's crap. Look at the stuff these days that get the ratings. This is what cable TV may be reduced to if forced to go ALC.

    But PS - All of the above is utterly irrelevant. These cable channels are ADVERTISEMENT supported, like newspapers, NOT subscription supported.... so they'd fail because they could no longer sell false numbers of "potential viewers" anymore, so they'd fail because they suck, not because they don't make money from subscribers.You're right that it's irrelevant, but not because of where the money comes from. It's irrelevant because it won't happen any time soon. There's no support for ALC from any group other than consumers. The Democrats don't want ALC because it will hurt diversity in programming. The Republicans don't want ALC because they see it as interfering with a free market. The cable companies don't want ALC because it involves change and may hurt their bottom line. The networks don't want ALC because it would mean fewer channels/less profits. People who work in the TV industry don't want ALC because they may lose their jobs.

    Yeah because being hard headed and refusing to change with the times has done so well for us as a country (Car Industry, housing market, manufacturing process, infrastructure improvements, etc)....I'm not saying that ALC is bad; some days, I'm on your side. I flip flop on this all the time because there are such goodsides and downsides to this. Change can be good, but there are always unintended consequences to change. In the end, it's just TV, so there's nothing earth shattering. Just good, honest debate.

    BTW, this has gotten way off topic. Sorry.

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  • Dolphins

  • MontyZ
    Jun 3, 02:53 AM
    So you were seriously interseted in a widget about folding laundry? :p :D ;)
    Hell yea!!

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  • Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes

  • peharri
    Aug 14, 02:54 PM
    I disagree totally. People buy superiority. Thats what a good portion of the population wants. Thats why peop;le buy designer clothes. Thats why people buy fancy cars. Thats why people buy expensive jewelery. Thats why people stay at 5 star hotels. People want to feel like they are better than everyone else or they've made better choices.

    Not everyone of course. But there are alot.

    How is the above disagreeing with me? You're saying people like to feel like they've bought superiority. And yet here's Apple coming along telling everyone that they haven't. Not only that they haven't, but that their choice was bad for a lot of reasons that, quite honestly, are untrue and that the buyers know are untrue.

    Now, of course, you could be saying that Apple should sell itself as the superior platform. But that doesn't require being insulting to do that. You can easily say "These are the benefits of Macintosh" without saying "...and anyone who doesn't buy one is a gray, boring, clone." Just as my game example: you want the "Blues" to feel that it's worth going to the Red stadium because they will have a good time. Because they will see a quality game. You'll not get them there if you insult their team. If you ridicule their choices. If you ridicule them.

    I've met too many people who find Apple's ads insulting and contrary to their own experience to believe that these ads are helping them in any way. Right now, Apple can sell itself as a great platform. Instead, it chooses to alienate its target audience. That's bad.

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  • Whale safety distances - click

  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 17, 02:20 AM
    Apple Ipad Replaces Computer... Computer required

    Whales And Dolphins. Whale and Dolphin Mass Suicide
  • Whale and Dolphin Mass Suicide

  • MrMoore
    Apr 21, 03:15 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.

    I think the next iPhone released would be called iPhone 5

    2007 - iPhone
    2008 - iPhone 3G (instead of calling it iPhone 2 they wanted to promote that it had 3G speed capabilities)
    2009 - iPhone 3GS (Want to call it iPhone 3, but used 3G, add S to avoid confusion
    2010 - iPhone 4 (4th version)
    2011 - iPhone 5

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  • Of Whales And Dolphins. mc

  • w_parietti22
    Sep 14, 04:59 PM
    I find it funny that people come here for medical advice! :rolleyes: ever heard of a Doctor? :p

    Whales And Dolphins. whales and dolphins
  • whales and dolphins

  • ziwi
    Oct 9, 03:20 PM
    Makes one wonder what the markup on the DVDs are at the 'discount' stores...I am sure that they do not get the same profit from an iTunes card as the movie so it is just about $$$ as everything is.

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  • whales and dolphins at

  • Stewie
    Oct 27, 01:22 AM
    Ummm, yes you can.

    Thanks for playing, but no you can't.

    Whales And Dolphins. Images Of Whales And Dolphins.
  • Images Of Whales And Dolphins.

  • lucifiel
    Nov 17, 09:36 PM
    That $130k will all go to the lawyers, even if he is able to establish that he has a legal "right" to sell those parts, and I think that'll be a challenge.

    Shame the teenager isn't in Australia or England where the loser pays the winner's legal costs.

    Whales And Dolphins. Pilot Whale
  • Pilot Whale

  • Eraserhead
    Jun 10, 02:26 PM
    Note it may be worth deleting http://guides.macrumors.com/index.php?title=Category:Terminal_and_CLI&redirect=no and http://guides.macrumors.com/index.php?title=Category:iPod_and_AppleTV&redirect=no

    As http://guides.macrumors.com/List_of_Applications_Not_Compatible_with_Leopard is marked for deletion it isn't getting a new category.

    Whales And Dolphins. Chart Whales amp; Dolphins A2
  • Chart Whales amp; Dolphins A2

  • Ingot
    Apr 12, 01:06 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    Keynote is actually pretty good!

    I personally use open office for spreadsheet work but do have all three systems on my ibeast.

    Whales And Dolphins. Whale dolphin which
  • Whale dolphin which

  • corywoolf
    Nov 21, 08:02 PM
    I would like some help with creating an animated global nav. using flash. I looked around on google for a while and didn't find anything this specific. Anyone have a flash project they could send me so I could take a look at how you put it together? I am trying to create invisible buttons over a movie clip of the animation, but no luck so far. I can't figure out how to get a movie into the button? I am probably doing this all wrong, the provided tutorials only cover very basic things, already read them. I am familiar with the program because I have taken a course on after effects and illustrator. The programs have lots in common (AE&Illustrator vs. Flash). If you have any good tutorials on this thats cool too.

    thanks in advance


    Edit: Attached is just a mock up to give you an idea of what I want. I exported a low quality GIF. Click on it to view the looping animation.

    Whales And Dolphins. Whales and dolphins stranded
  • Whales and dolphins stranded

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 7, 05:15 PM
    The tea party is the republican party. There is NO tea party as third party. That's a complete fallacy. If they weren't a wholly owned faction of the Republican party, there would be tea party democrats too.

    Pop quiz - name one tea party candidate who ran as a Democrat or name one elected official who claims to be a tea party member or supporter who doesn't vote with the Republicans.

    I would disagree with that.

    The Tea Party is to the GOP as the Blue Dogs are to the democrats.

    Yes they are democrats but they are a sub group of them. Just the Tea Party GOP is a radical sub group of the GOP.

    Whales And Dolphins. whales and dolphins) may
  • whales and dolphins) may

  • Abraxsis
    Mar 31, 06:01 PM
    Just a point to remember in this thread. While fuel prices are much more expensive in Europe, their wages are more significant than ours in the US as well. Minimum wage in the US is currently at 7.25/hour, or roughly 1160/month based on 4 weeks of 40 hours per. This alone can explain some of the gas prices being so high outside of the US.

    The minimum wage in the UK is a little over 9.50/hour USD making a monthly, min. wage of approx. 1615.00/month. In the Netherlands it is 11.54/hour USD at 1846/month. 11.92/hour USD (1907/month) in Germany, and 15.50/hour USD (2480/month) in Australia. And in France it is 12.58/hour USD or 2012/month.

    You can also factor in holiday time (vacation time to us yanks) and way more paid holidays (as in actual Holidays to us yanks) with the salary as benefits.

    Oh, I filled up at 3.42/gallon today.

    Mar 26, 04:47 PM
    Schmidt-"what about the new mbps?

    Jobs-"not to worry"

    FYI-that is not a turtleneck.

    Nov 14, 03:05 PM
    Well, let's see... the Zune comes out today. The iPod has been out for about 5 years (?) now. So it took Apple 5 years to have them integrate with airplanes. Shame on Apple for not innovating quicker. Shame, shame, shame. And shame on MS for not innovating quicker too. The Zune's only been out, what,... a few hours and it still can't integrate with planes? Shame on MS. :rolleyes:

    Seriously.... what's with all this Zune bashing? This story isn't even about the Zune, yet someone just had to post something about it. I'm not defending MS or anyone. It's just that I get's pretty redundant when everyone praises Apple and bashes on everyone else (especially MS), like Apple can do no wrong. I bet you haven't even played with a Zune yet. It's like people who say they don't like Japanese food or something. And when asked if they've tried it, they say no. How the hell do you know whether you like somethinig or not when you haven't even tried it yet?

    Apple fan boys...... :rolleyes:

    i can tell you:
    ms has stolen 13 years of my life with bluescreens and driver installations and because ms won't pay me for the time i spent having fun with their "os" i just love to laugh about their try to copy apple and fail, as they did for the last 20 years.

    Sep 13, 09:06 AM
    The Mhz myth is true. When Genentech is able to use a dual 1 Ghz Mac to go 5 times faster than their PC counterparts, and Photoshop up to 90 % faster than a Pentium IV 2.53 Ghz on a dual 1.25 Ghz Mac, the myth is true. Even the Athlon 2.6 Ghz is faster than the 2.8 Ghz Pentium IV. In some instances even the 1.6 Ghz Pentium III is faster than the Pentium IV. Mhz has nothing to do with speed. When your stage is 3 times longer, you have to go three times as fast to catch up.

    If your Mac is slower than a PC for any reason on the same application it is because the software hasn't been optimized for the Mac. Write the software developer before you complain about the Mac speed. Get them to develop for Altivec. It makes a world of difference.

    Mar 22, 04:29 AM
    Really nice for the schools.

    Really irrelevant for the schools. I can't say this will change our purchasing strategy in this area either way, the discount is too small to matter really.

    It's up to innovative schools to decide whether, and how, iPads have a role in schools. They might have good uses in classrooms, libraries, labs, reading clubs, alongside computers, instead of computers, or who knows.

    Except they don't support things like Jmol. They're too big to go into a pocket, they can't be shared around like books, they'll need recharging if they're used heavily. The ipad is a lot of things, sure, but there's lots of things it isn't, too.

    Who cares??? its a $500 device that can replace all computer needs of any student. Period.

    I bet my students can't wait to run products like AutoCad, Final Cut Pro, Logic, Sonar and Visual Studio, on the ipad. They'll be so excited I'm sure.

    It's just a glorified web slate and note taker. By no means bad but I don't see any students where I work, or staff for that matter, rushing to get one. We may buy one or two for R&D.

    Nov 11, 01:55 AM
    Wonder how long these ads will last! It's funny, I knew exactly what they were saying. Guess I speak Japanese now :D

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