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  • maclaptop
    Apr 13, 06:45 PM
    It's all rather moot till they get authentic to the standard, and use Fiber Optics!

    Substituting old fashioned wire is so misleading.

    A bit faster yes, but nothing like Fiber.

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  • speedy815
    Apr 15, 09:18 AM
    Hopefully this may help other users with battery drain.

    Turn off ping (found under Settings, General, Restrictions). Also, turn off location services and notifications.

    OK, it's not ideal but I got 31 minutes out of my iPhone (4) before the battery went for to 99%.

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  • SchneiderMan
    Jan 26, 11:50 PM
    Guess not then. Look at your mentions... Wait nm contest...

    Everything seems to be in working order but thanks and I hope you entered since it ends tomorrow (:

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  • Timepass
    Aug 1, 01:13 AM
    The reason you don't see it much is because the new default in XP is to just reboot the machine instead of sitting on that screen. It's still there.

    also the blue screen of death is not really in XP. Yeah the screen is blue and cause a reboot but it is a very differnt screen compared to the one that was in the windows 9.x line and has very different infomation displayed in it.

    Now the screen is still blue and cause a reboot but it also a lot rarer to see it and does not really happen as offen. But it not the same blue screen of death so it tecnolly XP does not have THE blue screen of death. it has a different blue screen of death.

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 11, 01:22 PM
    Sucks that there will be no PCIe option for Mac Pro owners. I just bought a new 6-Core system. However, "Light Peak" will be better with full system fiber optic integration driving everything from drives to displays, making for less internal parts for one universal control system (as I understand it).

    Perhaps in the 2012 Mac Pro's (this would be hugely beneficial in portables and iMacs as well as they could benefit from less hardware with a streamlined "Light Peak/Thunderbolt" system).

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  • Icaras
    Apr 22, 12:11 AM
    Attempted insults show your insecurity.

    You're assumptions prove it.

    Try your tactics on someone else :)

    You are totally awesome, guy. It's not just your phone, it's a message about your whole lifestyle. I too care way more about what a stranger who sees me using a phone might think than I do how it actually works. All these dime a dozen sheep buying iPhones because they're easier to use and more elegant than Android phones are total losers. Don't they know that being seen is the most important feature of a phone? High five, man.

    This is incredibly true, and hilarious.

    Sounds to me like the real insecure one here is maclaptop, if thats the mindset you have going on concerning phones and image.

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  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 08:42 AM
    So my friend just told me about what happened with being locked out and there already being 20 people in line... what the ****? You guys better say something

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  • KingYaba
    May 2, 02:41 AM

    Are we going to create a grave or a shrine to him? My hope is, that has been well-documented with witnesses galore.

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  • h0mi
    Apr 14, 05:44 PM
    Watch them not have a white iphone 5. The main reason I waited on getting the iphone 4 was I wanted a white version. Hindsight being what it is... well actually I'm not sure I made the right decision, I think the white 3GS looks better. And at this stage, I'll see what at&t does this summer/fall with my unlimited plan and the new iphone 5 whenever it comes out. I doubt I'd jump ship to an android but I'll keep my options open.

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  • topgunn
    Jul 24, 03:18 PM
    I really hope that this mouse can better distinguish between a right and left click than the wired MM.

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  • marksman
    Apr 14, 02:57 PM
    While I would never buy an "iTV" it does sound somewhat interesting sorta like how the Apple TV sounded interesting at first.

    I could see an iTV that essentially is a big giant wireless monitor for Macs/iDevices. It could have cameras on it so that you could use Facetime or whatever it's called with others. Maybe cheaper TV shows and stuff off the iTunes store.

    While we may all doubt it at first like so many did when the iPad first came out, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this becomes a monster hit.

    Don't say iTV. You know how many brits twisted their knickers when it was rumored Apple was going to rename Apple TV iTV?


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  • Stella
    Jul 28, 09:23 AM
    It seems that nobody ever likes anything successful.. Look at poor mcdonalds,coca cola,Ford and now apple and its ipod.... All the biggest comapanies always get in trouble. BMW and their idrive, ford and the firestone blowouts, apple and hearing loss... while dont people stop being jealous and peee off.

    Ford and GM problems are their own fault - they don't produce fuel efficient cards - in north america - other ( non u.s ) manufacturers do - and they are reaping the benefits - whilst oil prices are high.

    Once again the drones at Microsoft can't come up with anything new so they spend all their money trying to muscle in on something someone else had the vision to create. I hope they fail big time.

    By the time M$ get any sort of marketshare Apple will be onto something new and innovative that that Big Bill will have to throw even more $$$ down the drain to catch up.

    Jobs must be laughing his A*** off, he's forced M$ to create something that's going to lose them money, whilst Apple turns a tidy profit on each iPod sold!

    What, your saying that Apple should have the MP3 market to itself, no one else can try and muscle in - its called competition, and competition is heathly. Apple entered the MP3 market when people thought it was already saturated... this is a case of double standards, in afraid. :-\

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  • Icaras
    Apr 22, 10:05 AM
    Give us a 4.3" screen so the phone would have to be somewhat bigger - big enough to support two chips for 3G and 4G.


    No. Please, no.

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  • charliepratt
    Apr 14, 04:14 PM
    In Charlotte, NC. In the midst of AT&T upgrades.. Looks groovy to me.

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  • lironl
    Apr 24, 03:32 AM
    It surely can't be that hard to add support for T-Mobile's network to the iPhone. All you need are three thing:

    a) Support for the 1700/2100MHz AWS frequency bands
    b) Support for 3G
    c) Putting it all together and adding it in.

    The frequencies are already there. One part of the AWS frequency band is within the European 2100 MHz 3G band, which the iPhone already supports. The other part is within the 1800 MHz European GSM band, which the iPhone also already supports.

    The support for 3G is already there, that goes without saying.

    All you have to do is put them together (and that's already half done, see above) and make sure that it all works from an engineering point of view, then add a bit of software to support the extra capabilities, and you're there.


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  • Benjy91
    Apr 22, 07:58 PM
    There comes a point, after years of each announcement being "Thinner and Lighter!"

    That I have to say, "No thank you"

    Too light and it feels cheap, too thin and it'll become weak, Apple have developed an unhealthy obsession with "Thinner & Lighter" everything. There has to be a balance.

    Im also guessing they'll expect us to be really impressed that they've spent all this time making it 0.3456mm thinner and 4 grams lighter. With Steve showing a hundred side-by-side comparisons.

    Thinner case = smaller battery, as battery technology would have most likely improved since the iPhone 4, why not stick the same sized battery inside, and then boast about the massively improved battery life?

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  • Dillenger
    Apr 21, 10:21 PM
    Little old Hung Sam ain't got a chance.

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  • cebritt
    Jan 27, 03:31 PM
    The old stock adage is, "Buy on rumor, sell on news."

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  • kas23
    Apr 26, 12:28 PM
    I don't really know what the BFD is with the hype around these music locker services. These services are nothing new (not that Apples does anything new), they have been around in smaller scale the past few years. Problem is, it took too long to upload music, the streaming quality was average at best, and they were too expensive.

    I'd like to see how Apple would improve on these services. They will integrate into the iPod UI. That is great. Possibly better upload times (or no uploading at all). But the benefits end there. Cellular connection are slowing at a quicker rate than cellphones are becoming faster. And now we data caps?

    Is anyone on here going to delete all the music on their iPhone to be able to pay $20 per year to regain a subpar stream of there very own music? And at a detriment to their limited data amount? Am I missing something??

    Apr 15, 02:55 AM
    You can 'like' a purchased track from within the music player app now, and post a comment about it. Surprised no one else mentioned this yet... Anyone else spotted any additional changes?

    Apr 14, 12:23 AM
    I wonder if anyone has been waiting on getting a iPhone 4 because white hasn't been released yet. Well 10 months later here you go.

    Apr 17, 10:25 PM
    It was a video released on 4/8/2011.
    I cant link it since CNET doesnt actually show URL for videos.
    Go to Cnet, Videos, Apple Byte, and it will be the second video on the list.

    Yea, I have been corrected in that, but the argument on GPU still stands.

    Awesome, thanks! Again, really hoping for the June release. I posted before that in my biased opinion, I think it makes a lot of sense to get a new Air in time for the college discount program (i reckon the college demographic is aware of Intel's core duo vs i5 / i7 marketing) especially since i'd imagine the the Air has much higher margins than MBPs.

    Regarding the graphics capabilities, you can't use the Samsung as a benchmark because of how differently OSX and Windows behave. I'd be really surprised if Apple didn't have some sort of trick, either hardware, or drivers to beat the current graphics capability at least on paper or some obscure benchmark. Even if they didn't, the amount of time you'd benefit from a better GPU over better CPU would be miniscule in almost all tasks like iLife programs, 99% of applications and even Photoshop (despite being gpu accelerated). If you are playing games... i might be able to see the argument.

    Though personally if I were really into games or encoding stuff with badda boom or cuda or something I wouldn't be interested in an Air. I know a lot of people still are it seems from these boards, that's fine, i'm just weighing my personal opinion on the matter and would MUCH prefer better CPU.

    Apr 23, 08:45 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    My point is that the numbers you're touting are not as big as you make them out to be.

    Second, sure htc would be closer to apple sales if they had four products as strong as thunderbolt. But they don't so it's completely irrelevant.

    Kenmore would have sales competing with apple if they had several phones as successful as the thunderbolt

    You have to think that the thunderbolt has a slight negative thing about it that is hindering its sells. The battery life.

    Apr 22, 06:41 PM
    The tapered design is hideous.

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