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  • pinkoos
    Apr 28, 06:30 PM
    I've got this one from Amazon. $20. Mine is clear, so from afar you can't even tell the Air has a shell case until you get a bit closer. Also adds very minimal weight/bulk to the Air (looks very similar to the Speck case you linked to).�-11-6-inch-MacBook-MC505LL-compatible/dp/B004H3QD02/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1304033327&sr=8-1

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  • miles01110
    Apr 20, 10:40 AM
    I have another question, I have my airport extreme set to only allow the specific MAC addresses of the devices I'm using. Would I be able to continue to use this feature with a switch?

    Yes. Switches do not strip MAC addresses like routers do.

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  • kgarner
    May 19, 10:53 AM
    Unfortunately, iTunes was not designed to do what you want. What you need to do is go to ( and search for audio editor and choose one that looks good. Open up your song (preferably a copy) and edit out the parts you don't want and then burn your new song.

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  • Crystal-RX
    Apr 29, 01:11 AM
    hey i have a 3gs FW 4.3.1 BB 6.15. i'm not sure if its new bootrom or old bootrom but the serial num is 880270893NS.
    everything is working but i want to restore to factory settings so do i need to restore with a custom firmware? is there a way to restore without having cydia on it? does anybody have a custom firmware that will work on my 3gs without installing cydia?

    Because you have the iPad baseband, you can't restore it to factory setting. Baseband can't be downgrade.

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  • GroundLoop
    Sep 11, 11:45 AM
    I was at work and watched it all unfold as soon as the TV coverage began. As an employee of Lockheed Martin, our entire company came to a stand-still as plane after plane crashed. Oddly enough, I was at the Pentagon on September 10, 2001 for a meeting with Navy brass.

    I am still very thankful that I was able to leave DC the night before the attacks, as who knows where in the buildin I would have been when the plane crashed in DC.


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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 15, 06:42 PM

    Use Page Grabber: Hand Option-Drag
    Zoom In: Cmd-plus(�) [doesn�t work in text boxes]
    Zoom Out: Cmd-minus(+) [doesn�t work in text boxes]

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  • macphisto
    Mar 5, 01:22 PM
    Is it just me, or did you just register to BUMP THIS THREAD and do some advertising for that site? How lame... :rolleyes:

    Actually, it is just you. ;) Granted he is a newbie, but he is actually one of our past clients who really liked the work we did for him. And being that he is a bit computer savvy, and I asked him to jump on the fourms and give us plug if he wanted to. Sorry for the misconception. :D

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  • Grayburn
    May 4, 09:03 AM
    Well, it must have worked as i've installed a newer version and all is good and the old animation isn't running anymore, thanks iFiend :)

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  • canadianipad
    Apr 30, 11:44 PM
    no all they say is "first come first serve."

    Nice to meet you today. Wow did I over estimate demand. Oh well, it was cool being first into the store.
    Loving my iPad so far.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Dec 29, 03:48 PM
    Any evidence supporting this claim with Linux on Intel? Perhaps there is a fact sheet posted on Microsoft's website.

    Fictional site:

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  • Raid
    Mar 10, 02:41 PM
    [QUOTE=Raid]I've noticed in the last day that all the links on the left and topics on the right are now in italics (and they maybe bold as well). I use opera & explorer here, and I'm not sure how it looks on safari, but it's hard to read on both of those browsers.[/QUOTE

    browser, screenshot?

    Well I was going to try and post a screen shot, but today it looks normal for IE and Opera... did you change anything? :confused:

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  • mgauss7
    Apr 5, 09:38 AM
    Why is it that the iPad and the iPhone have great Sync with the iMa, but the small drive MBA has no Sync. Both the MBA and the iPad can be 64GB. Since one cannot cram a 1 Terabyte drive into 64GB of the MBA, there is a need for the Sync. (

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  • arkitect
    Feb 23, 06:45 AM
    Why don't you search eBay completed auctions instead of having people guess here?

    Also bear in mind as with all auctions it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it at close of sale� and on eBay that usually means as little as possible. ;)

    Be realistic in your expectations.

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  • rockandrule
    Mar 6, 09:22 PM
    Yeah, I read both links but still don't really know what's going on haha. All I know is that it is for a good cause, so I'm down. Plus, their not testing on animals so it's a big plus for me.

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  • jnc
    Feb 8, 01:26 PM
    So in theory Apple wont release Bluray until they release compatible displays. We could be waiting a long time before we see Bluray as an option then on Macs!

    Sometime this year... Montevina MBP with Blu Ray burner, HDCP ACDs with HDMI and Blu Ray drive option on Mac Pro, then. :D

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 4, 04:47 PM
    My next upgrade (from my 2008 mbp) will be a Sandy Bridge MBA (if they ever come out!)

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  • someoldguy
    Mar 8, 06:34 PM
    By all means get the polarizer and use it . It'll cut glare off the water and , if you go walking around the open , 'ponded' areas of Lox. it'll darken up the sky nicely and bring up any clouds . Hat and sunblock are also a good idea if you're like me and sunburn easily.

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  • Zermelo
    Apr 8, 09:32 PM
    Since bella92108 is such a perfectionist forum Nazi, here is some REAL news regarding an iPad 2 jailbreak:

    p0sixninja Joshua Hill
    Since 4.3.1 is already exploited by the legendary @i0n1c, we're working on finishing iPad2 jailbreak now.

    Great News. I stay cautiously optimistic since he said "finishing", so that would seem to imply that they have a working exploit, it's just a matter of packaging.

    Any idea if this is the same exploit as comex was using? and if it's a tethered or untethered jb?

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  • kingtj
    Oct 4, 09:59 AM
    Hype often makes a good product look worse upon release. Nothing new there.... But why would people get excited over Apple releasing a cellphone, despite having no real info on the details of it yet?

    Simple! Most of us are frustrated with the horrible user interfaces on cellphones, and the lack of usability. I've owned several that made dialing numbers on the keypad too much of a chore. My Razr I use now is decent, but even it has horrible engineering flaws - like putting small buttons down the side that always get pressed accidently when the phone is on a belt-clip. You end up accidently changing the settings for the ringer, etc. My Treo 650 had serious problems with call volume being too low. Almost every Treo owner had to pay extra for a shareware program called "VolumeCare" just to fix that! I'm just hoping Apple can overcome a lot of that, and build a cellphone with an elegant but logical UI!

    You are going to be so disappointed when they announce the phone and you realize that they just released a phone. Yes, the phone is designed by Apple and has a nice UI, maybe one somewhat unique feature, but you're essentially going to be getting a fairly regular phone with a feature that most people would never use often.

    I realize that it hasn't been released yet, but the iPhone will never live up to the hype. The number of people who have said they're waiting for it to be released in order to buy it is staggering.......and a bit scary. I wouldn't be waiting for a product when I haven't seen a photo of it, when I haven't seen a features list, a technical specs page, or even a release date. That's crazy.

    Sep 20, 08:38 PM
    Originally posted by arn
    Here was the problem per my server support people:

    "It turns out that the hard drives were overheating and the server would not boot properly because of the heat. The server has been re-racked in open air and the case fan was replaced to remedy the problem."

    translation: a fan died, we didn't catch it, we didn't bother to put the case back on after we fixed it..... :D

    Apr 19, 08:03 AM
    I will wait patiently wait for someone to strip it down and email me. Thank you so much guys!

    Apr 12, 12:33 AM

    I am looking for the best solution to my home theater. Currently I have a 100 projector hooked up to a ps3, xbox 360, and a net book. I also have an ipad and iPhone. I am looking for the best way to get videos I download on my macbook pro onto my big screen.

    Right now i download the files (to my MacBook pro, usually divx or mkv) then transfer with a USB drive, andopen it on my net book. I feel this is a cumbersome process. IS an apple tv what I need or can I make it work with the equipment I have.

    I also would love a way to stream my music to that sound system. I am sure the net book could do all of this, but its performance is pretty awful.

    Will the apple tv fair better? I am assuming I would need to jailbreak it to do what i need, right?

    Dec 19, 12:02 AM
    Website for that tuner/specs on it? Interested for a MCE box if you happen to sell it. ;)
    Well the TV tuner will do it's job, unfortunetly I never go it to work, I believe it was because my graphics card was using DirectX 9 and the TV tuner didn't like it or something :confused: I don't think that Windows Media Center Edition would even support it, I wouldn't know since I don't have it. The PCI card originally came with a remote control but, I bought it used so I didn't get one :rolleyes: Its an AverMedia Studio TV....or was it TVStudio?

    Well I can't find it on the official site anymore, they re-did their "brilliant" site over again. To be honest it's not the best card, and I don't know if it would be the best for what you need it for. :p

    Royal Pineapple
    Oct 23, 09:27 PM
    fill in the blank username: "SonOf----------"

    he was funny, for about a day

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