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  • Linkjeniero
    Jun 23, 11:13 AM

    I just got done upgrading my G4 B&W to Tiger (fresh install) and I decided to get this comptuer back folding again. I ran the little single processor install script that is linked in the folding FAQ to get it installed and running.

    Now for some reason, every time I open Terminal, it calls the Install script. I deleted the install script, but it still tries to open it every time I open a new terminal window, and I get the following.

    Last login: Thu Jun 23 09:57:48 on ttyp1
    Welcome to Darwin!
    Yosemite:~ USERr$ /Volumes/single/.setup/script.command; exit
    -bash: /Volumes/single/.setup/script.command: No such file or directory
    [Process completed]

    Here is what I attempted to do to resolve my issue, which none have fixed
    1. Install and run the script again.
    2. Change the default shell from the terminal prefrences.

    Does anyone know what file I need to edit to get a normal shell, and to have the system stop trying to call the install script?

    Thanks for any help!

    I thought my Linux experience would help here, but I am lost!

    One of the files that get executed every time you open the terminal is ~/.profile (where '~' is your home directory). You can't see this file normally because it begins with '.', so to see it you have to use "ls -a" instead of just "ls". Open it, and if it has a line that executes the program you don't want, just erase it.

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  • LimeLite
    Jul 20, 06:48 PM
    Yeah, try repairing permissions. Or take a look at the downloads folder and see what the permissions and privelages are for that folder. The owner of the folder you download to should be you.

    Way to go convincing your friends to switch though! :D

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  • longofest
    Jun 19, 01:24 PM
    go ahead and delete that Analyst directory page

    the category works

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  • RJP31484
    May 4, 12:07 PM
    I dont mean to threadjack, but have a related question. I am on 4.2.1, and did an untethered jailbreak through greenp0ison. Is there a way for me to back up my apps(including cydia ones), upgrade to 4.3.2, and then jailbreak again without losing anything?

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  • tea&cake
    Apr 14, 03:59 PM
    Hello... First Post... Its a little long winded but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a dedicated Power Mac G4 2001/2002 (733mhz 1.5GB Ram single processor) linked up to a specialist large format scanner. The G4 operates solely on OS9.2 as the large format scanners software can only work on OS9.2, but this G4 is starting to struggle, possible capacitor issues. I do not have the scanning software discs so am unable to install them onto another computer, and without this software and OS9.2 I would be unable to use my scanner, massive knightmare that I really want to avoid. Ideally I need to try and clone this G4 onto another G4. I have recently obtained a second Power Mac G4 (733mhz 1.5Gb single processor) but it is operating on OSX and does not have OS9 installed on it.

    Q: Is it possible to clone my current Power Mac G4 (the OS9.2 operating system & its specialist scanning software) and make an exact clone onto the Power Mac G4 that currently has OSX installed on it?

    I have never cloned a computer before, if the above is possible, then I would so greatly appreciate any step by step instructional advice on the above.

    Kind Regards,

    tea & cake


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  • Sparky9292
    Mar 20, 04:15 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A306 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Use iTether. AT&T is fining people who use MyWi.

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  • Sparky9292
    May 6, 02:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Ok since AT&T is cracking down on free tethering via MyWi, Pdanet, or TetherMe, Developers are trying to be stealthy about it.

    The way you can test if these apps are hidden from AT&T is to actually purchase the metered tethering plan for one month

    Then install PdaNet and see if it shows up on your bill.

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  • nmiphoneken
    May 6, 10:32 AM
    You're on AT&T and paying for tethering but the personal hotspot option is not available?

    That is correct. I've subscribed to their tethering plan but the personal hotspot item doesnt show up under settings/network. I'm guessing at this point that something about the jailbreak is suppressing this - or perhaps the mywi install?

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  • Ted13
    Apr 12, 11:59 AM
    I can't believe AT&T still won't unlock iPhones: In the UK, O2 will unlock anyone's contract phone for free (you just need to ask), and a PAYG one for �15 (plus the loss of the free web bolt on you get for the first 12 months).
    Indeed, AT&T should be doing it especially once the 2 year contract has expired-- as should Apple themselves.

    Furthermore, Apple should be selling factory unlocked iPhones in the US.

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 7, 02:23 PM
    And there is PAYE ( in the UK.

    The U.S. has income tax withholdings, but not for all sources of income.

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  • Queso
    Oct 25, 11:48 AM
    This may turn out to be for Apple the greatest cost of its transition from PowerPC to Intel.
    But for every person who runs the hacked version indefinitely, they'll be someone else who grows tired of the pirated OSX not giving the complete widget and buys a Mac.

    Maybe it's already happened. Apple could already have 12.2% market share and not know it :p

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  • Mr.Noisy
    Mar 9, 06:30 AM
    ok 100Teraflops I use a Mac Pro daily for Music and Photography, The Mac Pro is a good beastie but alone it cant do the job, it must be paired up to a good Monitor, IPS panel if possible, I did use apple's but found the Dell's re-produced colour better. When you purchase your DSLR will you shoot RAW or Jpeg, think about it, RAW may be bigger files, but you can keep producing a good quality image from just 1 RAW file, On the subject of a scratch disk try and dedicate a complete disk as scratch.
    my MP is set up as follows,
    bay 1 :500gb for OS & apps
    bay 2 :320gb as Scratch Disk
    bays 3 & 4 : both have 1tb hdd's in a raid 1 configuration for music and stuff
    All my RAW files & Aperture library are on a WD my book studio 4TB edition in a raid 1 via fw800 giving me 2TB to use, The system is simple and it works well. the big hdd's are all green WD drives. Hdd's are cheap now, but get the biggest you can afford (don't buy at the apple store), I find using Raid 1 I spend less time now backing up. The hardest part of photography is deleting images, you may take 100 shots and find only 2 of them are keepers, but getting rid of blurry, out of focus files will free up a lot of space,
    you have had some excellent advice on here so far, and it will be nice to hear how you finally set up your workflow, keep us posted :)

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 23, 09:50 AM
    Some of the processors will work with different boards. I've swapped CPUs around with different boards and not all of them worked with another. You can run a single processor on a dual processor board as long as it's in the upper slot. Swapping processors or Logic boards will require a thermal calibration. Do you have the Apple Serivce Diagnostics discs?

    You should be able to use any 1.8ghz or 2.0ghz dual processor logic board. Make sure it has the same amount of memory slots.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 22, 01:27 AM
    A good spy would've eliminated the cat. I'd rank you guys as "James Bond villain" rather than "Super Spys." :D

    Next one has to be iPhoto KT, then I can see if I increase your ranking from "Hawt" to "Spunkrat."

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  • TheAppleDragon
    Apr 5, 01:04 PM
    Maybe someone here can shed some light on this problem. I am using DP2 and for some reason, preview wont forget files after they've been closed. All of the files in the list have been closed, but for some reason, they are still displayed in this list after they've been closed. I can click on them and they open like they were just minimized. Any ideas what could be going on here?
    That's kinda like a "Recently Opened/Edited" feature. It's been here since DP1. Once you get used to it it can be quite handy. :)

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  • hansiedejong
    Nov 1, 09:25 AM

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    Mar 6, 10:08 PM
    I wouldn't be able to say how much capacity you need, however, large hard drives are pretty cheap so I'd probably get a bit more than you think you need. Remember there's no need for a fast HDD, maybe something like a WD caviar green?

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  • Abstract
    Dec 9, 04:00 AM
    Abstract likes this.

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  • Btrthnezr3
    Oct 31, 06:59 PM
    My 11yr old has his iPod touch in a soft rubber case by Speck. He is a boy so they aren't exactly gentle. iPod still looks brand new. r9Y5KQPgYP7d2xu04TM0xLrFvZEpIQMMtooBtHJ-PPrKDH9bhC3T9E

    Nov 11, 03:14 PM

    Dec 14, 12:10 AM
    I'm lovin it.
    The 'tar or the joke?

    Jan 16, 09:45 AM
    Looks like a good time was had by all. Sorry I wasn't able to stop by this year... MacWorld has fallen on an especially busy work week for me. If I'm lucky, I just might be able to get away for a couple of hours this morning to visit the Expo floor. :(

    Feb 2, 06:50 PM
    I said an EXTERNAL drive has to be FAT, I have no idea what format the internal drive is. And based on your last post you didn't really try my suggestion, which was to load your videos onto an external drive and then either play them off that or load them onto your internal drive that way.

    Dec 8, 02:31 PM
    I don't see what kind of order the nanos are in. Some one fill me in.

    They're not in any order really. Like in The Matrix, they represent the data that is the matrix.

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