New Art TV Series on BB2

    ‘Show Me The Monet:’ - New Art TV Series on BBC Two

    May 10, 2011 on 7:43 pm 
    ‘Show Me The Monet’ is a brand new 10-part art series that aired for the first time yesterday evening at 17:15 on BBC Two in the UK. The series follows the competitive journey of both professional and amateur artists from every corner of the UK, as they battle to secure a spot in the ‘Show Me The Monet’ grand exhibition and sale held at the Royal College of Art, London.

    Our resident artist David Robinson is soon to be featured on `Show Me The Monet` and we are very proud to promote this for him and we wish him all the best on this nerve-racking and very brave venture.

    David will be facing three judges. The first judge is art historian, critic, and broadcaster: Charlotte Mullins, the second: David Lee is an art critic, historian, and editor of art magazine ‘The Jackdaw,’ and the third judge is art dealer and historian: Roy Bolton.

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