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  • RHVC59
    Apr 11, 01:51 AM
    Was able to get outside for a bit just before dinner... missed the rainbow, but thought the clouds were worth crossing the street for. (

    4 shot pano, LR3 to PS CS5

    NIKON D80
    Lens: 12.0-24.0 mm f/4.0 Tokina
    Focal Length: 12.0mm (35mm equivalent: 18mm)

    Aperture: f/10.0, @ 1/200 - 1/250

    Exposure Bias: none
    Metering Mode: Matrix
    Exposure: aperture priority (semi-auto)
    White Balance: Manual
    Light Source: Fine Weather

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  • stevegmu
    Jan 30, 01:57 PM
    How does one buy stock anyway? (from the UK)

    I have absolutely no idea on the subject, is it just a matter of buying a share at a couple of hundred dollars, watching Apple go through one of its "win" moments then selling it for a little profit ($50 or whatever) just as a starter? What about tax?

    You can trade online from an e-commerce firm, such as this one--

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  • kgtenacious
    Apr 26, 08:24 PM
    smug free screen? Apple will never eliminate smugness in its products!.


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  • damienvfx
    Oct 24, 09:34 AM
    Yayy!!!! I hope they have this at my local apple store this morning.

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  • satkin2
    Apr 1, 02:55 AM
    No having a Lion preview I can't say for sure, but I would imagine this will look odd if windowed along side other windows with a different UI. However the push from Apple appears to be for full screen apps. You'd simply switch your app and the whole screen shows what your working on.

    In full screen mode I can see how this iCal UI would work, it will be like having your whole screen as a calendar. I can only really see an issue when working with side by side windows. No matter how much Apple push thier ideas, some people will prefer to work this way.

    To be honest I couldn't care what it looks like. Its the abilities of the programme that matter to me. If there are new features introduced that make iCal a better programme then great. The UI is ultimately just superficial to the abilities the programme offers the user.

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  • koruki
    Jul 25, 04:39 PM
    Next time i wanna buy a $1000 app I'll find an eleven year old to download it so I can claim the money back from Apple.

    "There's an eleven year-old for that"

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  • littyboy
    Apr 23, 11:18 PM

    Does this also mean that T-Mobile users are stuck with only the white one? :eek:

    I say get one with the lower pricing before the AT&T deal goes through - so AT&T has to honor your 2 year T-Mobile contract.

    I have a nicely priced old voice plan and would like to add the $10/month 250MB data plan... ;)

    BTW - is this just an unlocked iPhone 4 that someone put on T-Mobile and is passing around this rumor? :D

    If you are referring to the 200mb for $10/month for T-mobile. It only works for recent voice places, not grandfathered. I already tried several times. It's retarded :/

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  • Mord
    Apr 27, 11:44 AM
    I get the feeling that the person taking the video isn't an employee

    He was, though isn't anymore.

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  • liven2
    Jul 21, 10:49 AM
    I work for a company called Prime Alliance Solutions and our entire company is migrating from Windows machine to macs running Parallels. We are also changing out our windows servers to a to Xserves. Most of the users have never used macs before but overall they have had an excellent experience!!! :) ... Things are changing specially if our Windows Centric Business is willing to go all Mac! I am soo stoked for APPLE!!

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  • SpaceKyd
    Apr 14, 12:35 AM
    Fail apple!! Faiiillllllll!

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  • ZiggyZidel
    Mar 31, 10:54 AM
    This is hideous.Hopefully there are custom settings because this is definitely
    a step backwards design wise to me.

    Also, it is definitely. time for them to inegrate Facetime and iChat

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  • mc68k
    Oct 26, 01:34 PM
    wow 27 mins is great!

    at that rate it could complete a unit in as little as 1.9 days! the MP im using takes 3+

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  • pdc123
    Apr 14, 09:42 AM
    Why on earth would this happen? Why would they edit it to include the ix.Mac.MarketingName? I don't understand. Is there any logical explanation? I don't think it is a typo because I don't think Apple is stupid enough to edit it just in order to put a typo in. Weird.

    Software has bugs, Apple is no exception. It's most likely a key that should resolve to a value (e.g. maybe the marketing description "iPhone" really comes from a key-value pair labeled "ix.MobileDevice.MarketingName") and due to a bug it's showing the key instead of the value.

    Speculating on what the product is makes sense, it's more likely than not that it refers to something. But speculation like "Why on earth would this happen?" "I don't think Apple is stupid enough to" is just headless-chickenry... bugs are bugs, don't read into them.

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  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 30, 10:43 AM
    Very true.

    Apple sells cheap songs in hopes that you'll buy an iPod.

    Amazon sells even cheaper songs... ???... profit?

    ??? = getting customers to where they will most likely buy some of the bazillion other things that Amazon sells. Same reason that brick & mortar stores use loss leaders (to drive traffic into their store).


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  • SilianRail
    Apr 11, 05:06 PM
    Could this be the eventual end of usb altogether?No way, USB is cheap and there's no reason to replace them for low bandwidth applications like keyboard, mouse, printers, controllers, etc.

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  • bigrobb
    Jan 30, 03:05 PM
    did some more shopping on amazon got a western digital scorpio blue 500gb drive for my macbook pro its on sale now for 53.99 on amazon
    Kingston 8gb ram kit for macbook pro

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  • fcortese
    Apr 10, 11:10 AM
    Another abandoned farm house from yesterday:

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  • kwarren
    Sep 15, 03:16 AM
    Holy mother of god!! A question though, do they charge shipping seperately for each tee, or if you have a giant-ass order does it get billed per box? (crate)

    I'm considering a mega tee order myself, but the international shipping rates are making me think twice.

    Hey, when a sale like that comes along, you gotta go for it ;) I figure 20 is enough to last me a while.

    They charge a collective shipping total. I think that for 20 shirts, it was like $15USD. For orders of just a few shirts, they send it in a nice bubble mailer with the Threadless logo slapped all over it, but since I ordered so many, it just came in a plain brown box.

    This month, if you order a hoodie, you get free shipping. Details are on their site!

    Hope that helps,

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  • HasanDaddy
    Mar 15, 10:28 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    And I think they said they might get more in today, but I don't remember exactly?

    Sep 30, 02:39 PM
    So this is a headline article based on a diagnosis and opinion of an Apple Genius Bar technician? In additoin, it is coming from a reader on Gizmodo. It may or may not be true that 20-30% dropped call is expected for those areas, but why headline this article when it is merely coming from the voice of an Apple store representative? It is very deceptive and may trick people into believing that this is a factual statement coming from AT&T themselves. Too many people on the internet always believe what they read from any source and that is why the legitimate journalist are p o'd about the future of journalism and reportings.

    Edit: Sorry, not headline, but front page.

    Agreed. I'm not sure how much weight we should put in the response from a single low-level Apple employee...but for some reason, his/her opinion is now accepted as a fact.

    I'm not saying that there are no service issues, but I wonder if they would be any better at Verizon (who refused the iPhone) or Sprint or T-Mobile.....or anyone else.

    Apr 15, 02:51 PM
    nope .. refresh happening in the next 3-4 weeks ... they want you to purchase the machine first then pay to upgrade to lion

    nope......they usually provide a cut off date , i.e. if you bought a new Mac before (date) you can upgrade for FREE.

    All others get out your credit cards:-) $ 179 or so for a Family pack of 5.

    Aug 15, 01:35 PM
    So what's the Stand menu in Safari between Window and Debug?

    Apr 12, 09:53 AM
    Also, Apple is Evil and you are living in Steve Job's RTF.

    and... and... 4G.

    and... widgets.

    Well, the fake 4G carriers are using is faster than the 3G Apple supports, so that's an ok argument.

    Apple is pretty evil, but all multibillion dollar corporations are. You don't get rich by being nice. Steve jobs also seems like a jerk in all of those little e-mails he sends out to various people.

    Widgets are cool, the iPhone needs an option for them!

    You forgot the "Android is open and iOS is closed!!" fanboy argument :(, that's the only one that doesn't really make much sense.

    Apr 26, 08:09 PM
    The displayed here by some members is disheartening to say the least. I feel for the woman who was beaten and hope she had a speedy recovery.

    transphobia That's a new one. It's almost as funny as the visual I got with a dude at the urinal with D cups.

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