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  • Schtumple
    Jun 6, 06:08 AM
    'Eleven-year-old "Accidentally" Downloads $1000 App' more like, the kid blatantly knew what he was doing, you can't accidentally buy something, he clicked 'buy', what was he expecting to happen...

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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 12, 06:54 PM
    I understand what you are saying but are you really going to call "Vi" a pro app for word processing and say that it fully replaces Word. You can use any app as a tool to create a professional product.

    If Vi is being used by a professional to produce a professional product, then, yes, I'd call it a professional application. As far as being able to completely replace Word, well if the professional in question was able to stop using Word, then apparently it was able to completely replace Word for that professional.

    Apple labels iWork as a "consumer level" app. not me.

    Show me where Apple calls Pages a consumer app (

    My definition of a "Pro level" app is one that has industry maturity, is excepted as standard industry wide, has many many features which allow it to be versatile and is useful in a variety of professional industries. It probably isn't the easiest app to use because it isn't focused to just one industry.

    Your definition of a "professional" app seems mighty arbitrary, even to the extent of excluding most applications that exist. Specialized databases that are designed for a specific industry wouldn't meet your definition. Computer-Aided-Machining (CAM) software (which is only useful in one industry) wouldn't meet your definition. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

    I would bet you that not .1% of printshops, publishers, lawyers, engineers, etc. even know what a .pages file is let alone are they working with it daily.

    So now you're adding another level of definition to what it takes to be a "professional" app? Some percentage of people have to know about it? And where do you draw the line? Gee, I guess this means that any start-up company trying to produce a new professional application is doomed because how can they ever reach this percentage upon the release so their product can be considered "professional"? :rolleyes:

    I come back to my point. I think the simplest definition of a "professional" app is an app that is being used by a professional to produce a professional product. Any other definition falls short of the mark, IMO.

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  • Al Coholic
    Mar 31, 12:45 PM
    The new look gives the appearance of a physical desktop calendar with leather binding along the top edge, and like the iPad application shows remnants of torn-off pages for additional realism.

    I'm seriously questioning my transition to the mac OS these days. It seems all anyone is interested in these days is the eye candy aspect.

    Really, who gives a rat's ass about UI "realism" to their paper counterparts? I know it isn't a real leather calendar. Do designers think we're stupid?

    Just make the damn iOS calendar synch with it so I can see my tasks on the iphone already.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 28, 06:16 PM
    I think getting a white backplate and keeping the black front is the best of both worlds. That white front looks ugly and disoriented with an obvious front cam and that black PS (looks like sharpie has been applied to the mesh grill original design), and when the screens off, looks even worse.

    I'll stick with mine :)

    I think just the opposite is better. I like the white front but I think the white back is hideous.

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  • rnelan7
    Dec 5, 10:32 AM
    All I want for Christmas is an awesome snowboarding season! I finally got to go today for the first time since 2008 :eek:

    I fell for you, I was sidelined last season due to injury. It just stinks lol. Which mountain did you go to?

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  • mandis
    Aug 2, 09:13 AM
    Wrong. Of course, sequestered in your teaching post-graduate architectural world you may not see the wood for the trees and in the readily-accepted use of the word, 'creatives' do not include those who use AutoCAD.

    Wrong? Perhaps you are more informed in the fields of architecture and design and you could teach us a thing or two about what software to use.

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  • dr_lha
    Oct 18, 08:02 PM
    Those numbers are sweet but I would like to see a breakdown of each model. Also the market worldwide if im not mistaken is growing at what 10% a year yet Apples desk tops grew at 4%? If so why?
    Is the 10% growth in the desktop market? I thought 10% was for the PC market as a whole. In which case Apple's overall growth is above that.

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  • BrianMojo
    Jul 26, 11:52 AM
    I'm going to assume it doesn't mean that you actually control the thing without touching it, rather it just makes the wheel disappear when you aren't holding it. That seems to be a more useful idea.

    I mean, otherwise, it's a useless feature, except to prevent screen scratching.

    Yeah, if you read the whole patent (, you'll notice that it makes mention of "force sensors" underneath the display to tell if it is a "light" or "hard" touch. A finger being waved above an object doesn't have force to sense, and in looking at the more tablet-oriented part of the patent, you can see that a hand is clearly holding the object ( The document also makes several references to the input devices appearing or disappearing based on the proximity of a finger.

    It would seem that the main purpose of this is to make overlays like this possible:

    This isn't a "none-touch" patent.

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  • mhuk01
    Jul 24, 04:28 PM
    i ordered a custom build macbook and apple bluetooth mouse last friday. should i cancel the order for the mouse and wait? or because of all the mighty mouse problems should i be happy with a completely sleek standard apple bluetooth mouse?

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  • arn
    Apr 29, 12:15 AM
    white iphone also lighter than black iphone? :)

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  • akac
    Jul 10, 08:29 PM
    I use Pages almost exclusively for writing documentation. We originally used Word, then moved to InDesign (my background was 8 years working in layout with Quark), and then to Pages. Pages just works better for long docs than ID and Word. I love it.

    My only two beefs with Pages is the fact that its toolset is everywhere. You've got some toolbars which only really get you to some space hogging side views and inspectors which take up tons of space just for the one or two things I need to hit. Second, it needs a built in macro language - even if its based off AppleScript (i.e. an AS menu would do then). Having AppleScript support but not accessible within the app itself makes it much harder to deal with.

    For example when I put in a graphic, I want to make it 2'' wide, shadow, move with text, wrap to the left with a black border. That's 4-5 panels I have to go through each time I add a pic. I add about 50 or so pics per doc.

    So first I'd love if they could organize the menus, toolbars, inspectors, and such a lot better. Its just so haphazard. Next the ability to script repetitive actions.

    Oh and speed. Even on my 2.16Ghz MBP its slow. Word 2007 (even in beta) is lightyears faster.

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  • morty192
    May 2, 09:48 AM
    it will most likely be tomorrow if as has been pointed out tonight is visual night, the online store will update sometime around 1pm UK time I imagine but the store should be down before then.

    Of course if tonight is really visual night and u live close enough to an apple store make sure pop in at 9:30am your time and tell us all if anything has changed :)

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  • grassland
    Apr 3, 03:34 PM
    caught in the garden

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  • JsR
    Sep 13, 02:01 PM

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  • Nobita
    Apr 13, 08:00 PM
    at&t ?, Verizon ? or both?

    It says both in the story.

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  • cupcakes2000
    Apr 12, 08:58 AM
    Taken from the top of Mount Leconte in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

    This is really cool!

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 30, 09:50 PM
    The only people who lump in tablets and PMPs into the platform are apple lovers who are in denial. Everyone else separates them by device. Smartphones are compared to smartphones. Tablets to tablets, etc.

    But that's what the iOS platform is: an OS that runs on tablets, PMP's and phones.

    The people who care about the platform are developers, which are kind of important to everyone who uses the platform.

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  • rayz
    Aug 1, 12:20 AM
    He was talking about seeing blue screens. So it doesn't matter how many people would register it as a crash....they still wouldn't see a blue screen. That was the point he was trying to make.

    Yep. I got that; I was saying that the reason you don't see it is not because they've hidden it; it's because XP is actually a lot more stable. Crashes these days are pretty rare, and are usually caused by attempts to access strange areas of memory, or driver problems. I have an XP box running a couple of web containers, and a few app servers; aside from a driver hiccup, never had a crash or secret reboot (and I would know, because I would still need to log back in when I got back from the water cooler).

    Also, just as a side took them three years to create the version you're talking about. I'm not stating this for argument—it's only here as additional info.

    ... and it took Apple just as long to create a stable version of OSX; the only real difference was that MS didn't charge for the interim versions. Again, just additional info.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 11, 02:37 PM
    its about time apple is forced to compete with others for the best device again

    agreed. We haven't seen any ipod updates in a long, long time. The shuffle is over a year old, the nano is approaching a year, and even the 5G is no spring chicken any more. I certainly don't want to see MS cut too much in to apple's marketshare, but if a little competition means pushing apple a little more, that sounds good to me.

    Apr 12, 12:29 PM
    HTC Sensation i'm waiting for uuuuu :) tired of waiting for an jb with every freaking release to get my features back that r common sense on android

    Apr 7, 01:00 PM

    Apr 14, 03:38 AM
    You guys don't have one?

    I've been tweeting from my ix.Mac.MarketingName 4 for months

    Mar 15, 10:39 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    And I think they said they might get more in today, but I don't remember exactly?

    Any eta on that I was the guy in the green oregon sweate. Had to take my friends back home and ill maybe come back. Anyone still in line after you holding out for another shipment

    Nov 2, 06:23 AM
    We have reached 200k PPD, nice power up...
    Keep going, we need more bigadv users...

    yeah we've came a long way. just gotta keep it going

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