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  • apolloa
    Apr 5, 11:32 AM
    This isn't a fake, I just think it's a prototype. Besides you can pretty much guess what will be in the next iPod touch. It's IOS 5 we don't know about. But it is good it's got 128gb storage however we have seen prototypes with bigger storage before that have never been released :( I am still hoping the iPhone 5 will have 32 as the starting point then 64.

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  • Chow Chow - Miss Beasley - Medium - Adult - Female - Dog

  • yorkshire
    Dec 21, 06:28 PM
    Thanks, but I don't need to grow up. Perhaps you should try accepting other people's opinions without resorting to insults - a much more significant indicator of maturity (unless you're actually asking me to grow older faster?)

    There is absolutely zero logic to the rest of your post either. How has this helped the music industry exactly? As I have said all along, the UK chart is a glorified popularity contest. The most popular record, at the time, wins. People don't just buy the xfactor winners single because of the name - they buy it because they like it (and it's usually more than a few thousand btw). Whether you, or I, agree with that is irrelevant. It is fact. There has also been no significant reduction in music piracy as a result of this campaign.

    There has been no 'rebellion'. All the campaign has done is increased the amount of money Sony Music Entertainment have taken in this Christmas (both of the Artists are attributed to Sony). This goes back to my original point about the whole thing being meaningless (unless of course the aim was to simply make more money for Sony). There will still be the xfactor next year, and the winner will still sell a barrowload of records.

    I have been on the group on Facebook a few times, and many people have stated this is the 1st time they've downloaded a song legally. I know it isn't going to stop piracy, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. And you can't say there has been no reduction in piracy yet- its only been 1 day. If it gets just a handful of people to pay for songs rather than pirate them, then at least its done some good.

    And how is the whole thing meaningless? At the end of the day, the chap who made the group didn't know Rage and Joe were both with Sony. He didn't know that he'd be (slightly) benefitting Cowell by choosing Rage. There was an interview on the BBC where he spoke about this, and he didn't care. All he wanted was a different single at the number 1 spot this year, and all everyone else who joined the group wanted was a different single at number 1. Thankfully Rage won.

    And it doesn't matter if people don't like the song, I for one would have bought almost anything just to keep X Factoe from being number 1.

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  • lhshockey24
    Apr 13, 10:32 PM
    Found a black 16gb wifi at a Walmart in The Colony. They're popping up on the online inventory checker. I'm still not sure whether to keep it or try to make a few bucks on the second hand market. It's starting to settle down a bit, so I may be outta luck.

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  • Here is me and Hal in the regular 9-12 month dog class. And this is me and Jackie in the 9-12 month old class in the Puppy Sweepstakes.

  • headset
    Mar 24, 03:32 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Yeah this is a deal. I just called our local store and the guy said they're out of 16gbs nationally. Considering a 32...

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  • Beasley#39;s Couch Bolster Dog Bed Fabric: Teal Paw Plaid, Size: Large (30″ x 40″) Overview. BK/PAW/L Fabric: Teal Paw Plaid, Size: Large (30″ x 40″) Shown in

  • Jason Beck
    Jun 18, 04:46 PM
    And this is just the front�


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  • chris easley RVN MBVNA

  • dslade09
    Mar 8, 05:42 PM
    Macbook Pro keyboard! (

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  • Beasley, a 69-year-old retired

  • inkhead
    Sep 1, 11:38 PM

    Please don't assume. First of all, I pay for 4 active ADC memberships. I usually buy about 4 WWDC tickets. This year as every year, I bought my own WWDC ticket. My employer (myself) is mean ;-) However this year for the first time in 5 years I wasn't able to attend because of knee surgery recovery running longer than expected. I planned my surgery around WWDC.

    So let me get this right? You are saying that the sessions shouldn't be online because you are poor and don't want people who get their wwdc tickets for free to get the jump on you.

    SO WHAT about all the PEOPLE POORER than you who can't afford WWDC? So you are saying they don't deserve a chance to learn leopard?

    What you are saying is a double standard!

    Regardless, my issue isn't money, and the WWDC sessions are always put up online, which they will be shortly. It would just be nice if Apple got on the ball.

    I realize you don't want the session videos online because the college student who has $498, and overdraws his bank account to get ADC select, might get the jump on you, and since you EVEN though you paid it out of pocket were able to afford $2300, you are using this to say that more money should buy more?, but not really?

    Think about what your saying.. claiming to be poor, but it only works as long as you aren't the one cut off.

    either way I can afford any Mac, or Apple product I want, and development is a passion for me not a requirement to survive. I don't need to work, I want to work. But saying that your not going to be able to compete with somebody like me with unlimited funds... isn't true. Mac OS X is the best platform to develop for if you want to level the playing field. You notice many of the Apple Design Awards went to SMALL companies? On the mac platform, many, many small companies, and one man shows are making very good money! You have just as much chance as me, even if I have more resources money, machines, and people. It's easy to innovate.

    This is the first year that I went to WWDC and I am a ADC Select developer like you. However, the difference is I had to pay 100% out of pocket to go. My employer does not use Macs and I had to do it on my own.* At the conference, I met a lot of developers whose companies paid for the trip and they stayed in the Hyatts ($200 a night).. My gf and I stayed at the crappy hotel by 7th street which was in a unsafe part of SOMA plus I used a week of my own PTO etc..*

    It sure was alot of money ~$2300.* I sure could have done alot with that but I used it for my education and check out WWDC.* It really adds alot of value to the conference to really get the new bits. * I do not think it is fair to wait for the general rollout to ADC if you are charging so much for the conference. *This year, there was not a lot of new things besides Leopard.. Leopard was the star show and only partially revealed. Therefore the revealed parts and Leopard sessions were the key points and those were pretty tight lipped and the mostly the value of going.

    So,* why should you be able to see the sessions and get the same seed three weeks later? *Its not fair to independent developers like me and gives my project a jump start against potential competetors like you..* **

    I skipped last two years WWDC and waited until Tiger was ADC seeded and have been watching the 2005 sessions without going to WWDC the same as you..* So, i have been on both sides of the fence.* Once you pay for WWDC yourself, then you really understand that its right to let the WWDC get the first drink from the water fountain and drink for awhile.


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  • bobber205
    Apr 5, 02:52 PM
    Here's the gist of the problem: too generous state worker union pensions. I wouldn't be surprised that these pensions are extensively re-done to drastically cut its cost in order to reduce state budget deficits.

    You are completely, either willfully or not, ignorant of the situation in Wisconsin.

    Remember, they had a surplus until their Governor decided to give big business a tax cut almost identical to the "Deficit" they're not facing. :mad:

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  • Beasley#39;s Couch Dog Bed

  • rovex
    Apr 5, 02:01 PM
    I don't know if anyone noticed, but the screen has a blueish tint, which means OLED

    We can only dream, I think 2012 is year early. The iPhone however MUST have AMOLED in 2013, at least then we can get the wow factor back after the retina display.

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  • what this dog would get up

  • fourthtunz
    Nov 4, 04:31 PM
    Wow this is big! I'm not sure but hasn't it been like forever since Mac had 5% marketshare? Over 5% must put them in the top 5 pc makers? Maybe top 3? This is already huge growth, if they get to 10% or more look out!
    The jerks who make viruses for windows will take the time to make them for Mac which would suck:mad:
    Great time for us Mac owners:D

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  • Aydios, Fat Dog.

  • JoeG4
    Jun 20, 06:17 PM
    Off-topic comment, but still related to external storage.

    I received my Mac mini around noon, and I found something the previous (at least the GMA950 Core 2 Duo) model didn't support: USB flash storage works when connected to a side USB port of the aluminium Apple keyboard. My older Mac mini complains about lacking power via that USB port but the new one works just fine!

    I think the amount of power the keyboard can supply depends on what it's plugged into. My Cinema Display powers the keyboard pretty adequately for stuff like that, wonder how a g4 cube would do!

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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 24, 04:30 AM
    why isnt my fah using cpu cycles? i dl's the client and started it in sys prefs

    system prefs? are you using the command line variant? there should be some coding info on F@H for getting it started working via the terminal ;)


    i think this is what your after SMP Guide ( ;)

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 23, 11:03 PM
    What has Obama really done besides go on vacation for the last few years? How the hell has he raised any bar? Tell me what all he promised to do and then tell me exactly how many of those things he has accomplished so far.

    I think he quit smoking:rolleyes:

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  • David Beasley (B-Dog 031/515 Bea5t 5ide ) on Myspace

  • room237
    Jan 7, 12:05 AM
    Huh, my push notifications weren't working, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I went to the settings and I'm apparently running Facebook 3.1.1, but when I go to iTunes, it says the app is at 3.1 and I have no updates.

    Odd. But maybe they've fixed the sound issues already.

    I've noticed the same. I deleted FB from both iPhone and iTunes, then downloaded it thru iTunes since it states there that it is v3.1, but once on the iPhone it is still v3.1.1 and still, no notifications.

    This really isn't worth losing sleep over, but it's really pissing me off.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 15, 08:12 PM
    WTF indeed.

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  • ehoui
    May 5, 06:34 PM
    I think what we are all seeing is that the differentiating factor between Apple and "the others" is no longer software. Windows 7 is now good enough that it can easily compete with (and in many areas, exceed) the software offering on any Mac.

    Windows 7 is nice and XP is still a champ on my crappy Dell work laptop. But, to this day, I use my wife to validate such notions (not my own). She, a long time Windows user, will never go back because she just gets her stuff done on the Mac. She could care less about Apple (she rolls her eyes when I talk about the company). She uses a tenth or less of the power, but that's the point isn't it. The general user doesn't care about these specs, just about getting their **** done. with the minimum of hassle or problems.

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  • •Dog#39;s name: Mrs. Beasley

  • PBF
    Oct 6, 01:26 PM
    iPhone Mini (3.5") and iPhone Maxi (4" or 4.5") would be so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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  • REVIEW: Mrs. Beasley#39;s Dog

  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 22, 07:12 PM
    :confused: You're only making it sad.

    I have to. But nice machine anyway. I am not into motor cycles anyway, too loud for my taste. I am an avid cyclist though.

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 12, 03:08 PM
    A little off topic, but question for those who need Office software, and also run Parallels/Fusion: Do you prefer Office For Mac, or do you prefer to run "regular" Office in Parallels/Fusion? Thanks.

    I use Office enjoy ribbon the most. That said I do use Keynote for presentations rather than PowerPoint. Use Fusion for Visio :) and MS Project Manager :rolleyes: exclusivelly maybe one day they will be ported over in Office 2013. :cool:

    Downloaded update in about 5 minutes all done, no problems at 3:16 PM Central.

    Nov 14, 09:45 AM
    Since this is Zune launch day:

    Seeing as apple now has a majority of auto makers making connectivity and now the airline industry is getting on board, this is a major blow to the Zune. Neither cars nor airplanes will come with every connection possible so that any media player can be used. This is a great step for apple and potential apple customers.

    How about a built-in mag safe connector for the airplanes too? :)

    I'm sure that a 3rd party adaptor will appear to connect an iPod dock connector to whatever kind of connector the Zune ends up using...

    Still this will give the iPod one more feather in its cap. I'm certainly thrilled by this news, and I think it makes the idea of a video iPod much more appealing. In general, I've taken the stance that if I'm going to watch a video on a plane, I'd rather watch it on my PB's large screen. The iPod screen is just too small. But if I could watch it on the plane's screen, that would make the iPod a viable alternative.

    This would also eliminate one of my pet-peeves about the in-flight entertainment. Ever since airlines (i.e. JetBlue) have started offering TV, there's been a slight problem. When the captain comes on, it mutes the sound of the TV, but doesn't pause it, or anything like that. The last flight I was on, I was watching a drama, and at a pivotal plot moment the captain came on with "Hello, ladies and gentleman, this is your captain.... if you look out the right side of the plane you can see...". He droned on for several minutes while I watched two people talking to each other, resolving a plot point. I had no idea what they were saying (not being a very good lip reader), and I was furious! It would have been one thing if he was coming on to give us some important information, but he was just simply giving one of those "up here at 35000 feet the air is really cold" speeches, and he could NOT have picked a worse time to do it, as far as the program I was watching. Now, if I had been watching something on an iPod, I could have paused while he was talking, or rewound after he was through. (I expect if it's going through the plane's system it would still mute out whatever I was watching in favor of the captain's voice.)

    Oct 6, 10:51 AM
    Okay, is this rumour stating that Apple will be spitting out new models every month? No.

    It'll be a yearly cycle. iPhone Nano, iPhone Classic, iPhone XL or something.

    Apple offers more than one size of laptop, iMac and iPods. Seems to work well right?

    Computers and phones isn't the same thing. I could see them doing it with the iPad since its a computer but I honestly can't see them doing it with the iPhone. Might they change the size of the screen for the next iPhone? Yes. Will they sell two models with different screen sizes? No.

    Oct 26, 05:59 PM
    Come on, people! This isn't Photoshop. This is a beta. If it is an entirely new application, why should they develop it for PPC? I don't understand all the fuss. Anyone in need of audio software has plenty of options out there. Remember, this isn't even 1.0 yet. It won't be for a while.

    Jun 10, 03:34 PM
    hmm, what are the chances of there being prototype iphones linked to tmobile and verizon's networks existing in the 'wild'? i'm assuming that while websites such as MR can tell what kind of device (ie, ipad, imac,etc) is connecting to their servers, there isn't a way a to tell which network it's connecting from (ie, att, verizon, comcast)..?

    May 2, 09:29 PM
    Genetic tests for identification usually take up to 5-10 days, but usually more than 2. Technology. heh.

    We can sequence an entire genome in about two weeks now a-days. (just a few years ago that took about 10 years).

    If your in a hurry you can pull off a simple parental genetics test (quite old technology) which is what this would be in a matter of hours. This stuff is child's play in the modern era.

    Don't imagine you've found a conspiracy :rolleyes:.

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