Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Andrea & Alex


    This session happened there. It stayed there!
    Andrea & Alex will be married down in the L.A. area. Yours truly will be there to document. Vegas is a pretty incredible city. Never remiss for life and color. Suits these rockstars pretty very well. Your wedding is going to be a blast to shoot if the engagement session was any indication.

    These guys came to me by Alex's father Gene who is a photographer as well. Always honored when a photographer chooses me to photograph for them. He and his wife Linda are the talent behind SoCal Sunshine. Hire them! They are awesome. :)
    Why did we not think to get a shot of all of us!? :S

    Like these Vegas pics? GREAT!! I do it again with a brand new couple in a few weeks!


    Happy Monday, (evening).

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