The Killing Moon.

    Just a couple of random pictures,my cigarette case;which i don't use for it's main purpose,i use it to keep my money and ID's and cards when i take the train to's easy to carry around.and that's my mousey finger puppet which i was playing with it...but with my toe.
    yes,i'm aware that i am dorky and lame.
    so i'm starting the second day of the new year by creating more mess in my "wreck this Journal" it's what my brother gave me for Christmas,i really love it!
    and it's also raining outside.i'm pretty excited for this Saturday 'cos my sister gets to finally wear one of my designs to a baptism,and i also get to style it.this is what i love doing.
    i just love creating things from my head,i love it all,painting,drawing,cooking,designing,sewing, name it.i got i all from my parents and their heritage.

    well,i hope you all had a good start to the new year!

    hei hei
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