New Year's Resolutions...Starting Late January :)

    Happy New Year!  Well, better later than never, right?!

    2010 was an Amazing, Awesome, Goal-Surpassing, Wow year for Thomas Ross Photography!  We feel so blessed to be doing what we love.  Needless to say, we have so much more than we deserve.  :)

    Tommy and I have the usual individual resolutions, of course (i.e. eat more broccoli, hit the treadmill, etc) ...but we've also made a commitment and resolved to do a few things better with TRP in 2011. Here is the short list of our New Year's RESOLUTIONS:

    * Blog More!  Okay, so this one has gotten off to a slow start, but stay tuned.  I personally follow several blogs daily {don't want to sound like too big of a geek, so I won't reveal the comprehensive list}.  L-O-V-E them!  I derive so much inspiration from reading about happy couples and personal amazes me how some photographers open up and share details about their work and life so openly.  I aspire to be like that someday!

    * Balance Life.  Those of you who know us are used to hearing the words..."Sorry, we have to work."  Seriously, if you get word of any meetings or group therapy sessions for work-a-holics, please send that info our way!  We spend night and day, seven days a week working.  (FYI...Shooting is only the tip of the iceberg of work that goes into running a successful photography business.)  This year we need to set a side a little more time for relaxing and fun.  More to come on this subject in the future.  'Nuff said.

    * Post More Pictures.  The sad, sad truth is that we didn't share enough pictures in 2010.  We have weddings, engagements, bridals, and lifestyle pictures lurking up our sleeves.  BEWARE...Pictures soon coming to a blog near you.

    * Branding Our Business.  We have done some serious soul searching this past year and WE know who WE are and what type of photographers we want to be.  Now we need to work on making sure that everything from our website to our brochures scream that image!  Our new website is in the works as we speak...and should be unveiled within the next month.  :)  The ultimate goal is to attract clients that will be a good fit with our style and our personality.  More on this subject coming soon, too!

    * Learn, Learn, Learn.  This is an ongoing process that will be a resolution every year!  Every photographer has things to learn about our industry (i.e. technology, marketing, trends, etc.).  If you come across a photographer that professes to know everything there is to know because they have XYZ experience...RUN the other way.

    A HUGE Thank You and Hugs to all of our fabulous clients past and present!  You are the reason we strive to be better.  In closing, I will leave you with a few of our favorite images from Puerto Rico.  Happy New Year!


    Erika :)

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